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Remembering GhostRider


                    -=DANIEL WALTON=-
Just recently we lost a very special brother, freind, and fellow gamer....He was a great person to have known....Always had a laugh or joke to share....And always had your back when the chips were down....He will be deeply missed and loved by all....I sit back and think about how short life is and it makes me sad to think that in a blink of an eye all you ever known can be taken....Live life to the fullest and love life to the fullest... He did and we will always love him....If you are up there looking down on us, I dont know if GOD will let you play SOF while your up there , but if he does , Frag a few for us and we will see you in the halls... We love you man....Oh and stop chasing those little angels around....Or you'll lose your fraggin' privilages....