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:::WARNING::: This page contains a few of the stories I have written over the last few years... All of my stories are COMPLETELY FICTIONAL.. I write about very dark and/or disturbing subject matter. If you are easily offended by sexual or morbid content or judgemental of taboos in anyway, GET OFF THIS PAGE.... I DO NOT CONDONE, ACCEPT, or FACILITATE ANY ABUSE OF ANY KIND... ESPCIALLY TO CHILDREN... I just have a very dark side that comes out when writing... If you judge me based on what I write, then you do not know me very well and can kindly GO FUCK YOURSELF... You have been WARNED.....


I'm sorry I'm not rich enough as a man, to solve everyone's financial burdens with the flick of a pen or the swipe of a card....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

As I sit here reflecting on my life,
I slowly realize it been nothing but strife....

I'm sorry I'm not patient enough as a man, to take on everyone's responsibilities plus my own....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

As the memories flood my thoughts I feel bolts of pain, Trying to make sense of it all, I feel myself strain....

I'm sorry I'm not smart enough as a man, to solve everyone's problems plus my own with the quickness of the wind....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

I stumble through the darkness deep within my soul, trying to climb out of this dismal hole....

I'm sorry I'm not skilled enough as a man, to be the instrument everyone uses to lessen the strain of their existence....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

Reluctantly searching for answers that are never shown, I sit and ponder while I sit alone....

I'm sorry I'm not adept enough as a man, to stop myself from being manipulated into being everyone's little slave boy....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

Whether it's karma or fate, I cannot tell. But something or somehow I've been housed in my personal hell....

I'm sorry I'm not centered enough as a man, to be the father everyone expects or needs....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

Should I run, give up, or hide? Or should i wait for death to wash over me like the tide?

I'm sorry I'm not humble enough as a man, to just sit quietly while everyone's life grows for the better, gaining the objects of their desires, while mine seem to disappear shortly after I get them, while my life shrinks for the worst....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

Silence, only tears as I press the blade against my skin....

I'm sorry I'm not bright enough as a man, to stand out in a crowd, as I fail in my quest to be an individual, when the world and everyone in it are trying to control and convert me in the everyday carbon copies, forcing me to remain as blending in, holding me in a grip of conformity and average contempt....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

Red, the blood flows from the wound, echoing my inner pain....

I'm sorry I'm not soft enough as a man, for people to mold me to their liking....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

I am physically weary, mentally exhausted, spiritually defeated....

I'm sorry I'm not important enough as a man, for my thoughts, choices, or requests to be respected or taking seriously, as if I speak but no one listens, as if I feel but no one needs, I walk alone and my wishes are rejected and ignored as if by some weird chance I was born to play the muse or butt of life's cruel joke....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

I am like garbage, discarded but never saved, waiting to be tossed aside....

I'm sorry I'm not aggressive enough as a man, to pursue and punish others and hold them accountable, while I am too busy being the good guy, the loyal and honest guy, the guy who does whatever he can to avoid conflict by constantly trying to do the right thing....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

Wondering if I will feel achievement or failure as the minutes pass, as the light slowly fades....

I'm sorry I'm not emotional enough as a man, to say I love you and feel it deep within, due to saying it once too often without reciprocated actions, to feel a kinship with someone and have my words mean nothing, as they tear and destroy what I work so hard to build and shape....

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough.....

I smile as the edges of light start to caress the fingertips of the darkness that reaches out to carry me home to a world of peace, a world of silence, a world of nothing where nothing belongs....

(To be continued)

--Daddies private dancer--

It was early Saturday morning and lying in bed under
the covers reading the paper, music drifting down the
hall from his daughter's bedroom, Jill's father looked
up surprised as she danced into his bedroom.

"Wow, baby...where'd you learn to dance like that,

Her smile contagious Jill looked her father right in
the eye, pointing at him like the girl in the movie
had, dancing to Roxy Music's version of If There Is
Something, mouthing the words to the chorus, "when we
were young."

"...from the TV, Daddy," she beamed sensually, flushed
hot, a heat coursing through her knowing she'd
masturbated to a wrecking orgasm on her father's bed
the morning before, right where he was laying, his
smell in the sheets, her fingers pressing against her
tiny thin panties, her favorite fantasy her father's
cock pressing against her warm little hole through her
flowery little panties, the ones with the bow in

"From the TV," meant from the video she'd watched, the
movie Tokyo Decadence he'd left in his DVD player.
She'd watched it while he was at work, imagining the
man making the woman make herself cum moving for him,
was her father.

Fully in character she felt so soft and sexy and
confident an extension of their playfulness with each
other, already having worked herself up watching
herself dance in her full length mirror, already
buttery warm inside; pushing past her shyness she
turned and wagged her little bottom at him, like a
little girl dog in heat begging for cock she thought
to herself, grinning, her secret thoughts.

Jill had purposefully dressed in just her loose
fitting pink boy-shorts pajama bottoms - she knew how
sexy she looked in them; and, just like one of the
strippers in the video she found on her father's
computer she'd bunched up her pink little half top t-
shirt into the collar barely covering her swollen hot

At first, she was just dancing, innocently enough to
the rhythm of the music. Now, she was sliding down the
doorframe and standing back up like she was pole
dancing, getting more and more confident as her father
watched her intently, mimicking the girl in the video,
grinding, swiveling her hips, erotically, just like
the stripper in the movie in front of the huge plate
glass window overlooking downtown Tokyo all the while
mouthing the words to the song...

..." Reveal my secrets
More than enough for me to share
I would put roses round our door"...

She gazed right into her father's brown eyes, him
partially smiling a sort of stunned look on his face,
her long dark-brown hair in pigtails dangling down on
either side of her face, feeling so steamy sexy,
deliciously more than her father's little girl.

She kept smiling at him looking into her eyes, letting
her dance not sure really how else to react being so
surprised by his daughters impromptu performance; his
balls tingling hot, how else was he supposed to react;
his daughter, his little girl, so scantily clad; her
soft skin and smile so radiant, her breasts and
nipples so prominently displayed, her perfect round
glowing little belly, her soft little hips, her boy
shorts making her look so provocative he could grab
her and take her like she wasn't his daughter. She was
like the women he fantasized about, jerked off to, and
suddenly, here she was, his little baby, in his
bedroom his own daughter.

It was so wrong it made his cock jump and swell and
ache with a seething kind of tingling heat. His
daughter, his little girl, her glowing skin the most
erotic thing he'd ever seen. A fine line he sensed he
was about to cross, they, were about to cross, if they
weren't already, her dancing so seductively, his cock
now swollen and thick and hard under the covers for
her. He stared at her lovely round little breasts her
nipples pushing out through the thin cotton tee, and
when he did, Jill pushed her chest out, wanted him to

He'd only been to a strip club twice and back when he
was in college, and even then, he intellectualized the
experience he'd laughed with friends years later
telling the story; and here was his little girl
dancing, like his own private little stripper right in
front of him, even so young so sexually provocatively
gorgeous, everything about her sensuous, erotic,
wholly female and in heat and looking him deeply in
the eyes made him churn with desire a growl rumbling
deep in his chest.

His little girl was making him hard and the harder he
got the more he looked at her like a father shouldn't
be looking at his daughter.

When she jumped onto the bed above him she could have
been twelve bouncing and turning; he laughed with her
trying not to be so aroused, to look at her smooth
bare skin, her loose boy-shorts hiding her little
treasure she knew full well the power of, trying to
not look at her shorts lifting again and again subtly,
furtively revealing her soft bare translucent skin

Teasing him with glimpses of her, her inner thighs,
the round of her little bottom, a single father, when
she began rolling her little hips moving to the steady
beat of the rhythm, gyrating, churning inside, biting
her lower lip and smiling at him knowing just how sexy
she was, he felt himself even if a little
uncomfortable let himself feel that sexual urge, began
to watch his little girl openly, her dance for him,
him her only audience in the privacy of their house,
in the privacy of his bedroom.

He stared openly at the V of her groin her jostling
breasts her hardened nipples, into her smoldering
eyes, longer and longer. He looked at her soft little
frame her smooth belly the way she moved, so naturally
feminine, so naturally erotic and lowered the paper
fully into his lap to cover himself, to press against
his straining throbbing hard cock without her seeing.

He thought of the scene in Gus Van Sant's, "To Die
For," when Nicole Kidman in a short little flowery
summer dress danced in front of the car headlights.
Lifting her skirt, showing her panties, swiveling her
hips, a scene that stuck with him over the years as
one of the all time most erotic scenes in Hollywood
film, her beautifully feminine thighs, her girlish
tummy, the cleft of her soft little pussy apparent
under her girlish white cotton panties.

Now, his little-girl, rocking her hips, him staring at
her soft little baby pussy barely concealed under her
thin little shorts, her curves so incredibly sensual,
his little baby dancing for him; from his prone
position it was like looking up at a stripper on a
stage, from that angle seeing up under her loose
little shorts, the bare smooth heat of her inner
thighs. Her knowingly teasing, glimpses of his
daughter's bare smooth glowing little pussy so clearly
visible under the thin soft fabric.

The more he stared, the more he let himself enjoy her
performing for him, the more he thought things he
shouldn't be feeling for his little girl, his baby
daughter. Naughty taboo incestuous thoughts making him
even harder, thoughts long a secret turn on, his own
little lover, his little girl, his private little
whore sucking his cock, him licking her for her first
time, him lapping at her soft little baby cunny, urged
on by her sweet baby cream flowing out to meet his
mouth, her rocking her tender little hips up to him
between her legs.

His heart beating faster, his judgment clouded, his
cock surging aching hot hard, the cheeks of her bottom
so tantalizingly close as she turned, bent, her shorts
pulling open revealing her entire soft little cunt;
she was perfectly bald smooth, her pink little slit
shiny wet and his mouth so tantalizingly close. Hid
cock bounced as he sucked in his breath.

How utterly beautiful her little pussy was, his
daughter's beautiful bald little mound, her pink
little slit...he imagined sliding his fingers under
her little shorts and touching her, licking her,
pleasuring his little girl, his own daughter making
him so hard. He wanted to reach up and pull her to
him. He wanted to bury his face between her young
legs, lick her soft little baby pussy.

He breathed in the sight of her coltish legs and torso
so elongated, and looked up into her eyes, and smiled
knowingly, this time though like a lover looks at his
partner, blood rushing to his throbbing aching hard
cock, him pressing the back of his hand down against
it under the paper, lifting his hips in sync with
hers, watching his daughter dance for him.

Jill was loving the way her father looked at her,
"this is how the girl did it, on TV, Daddy," she said
breathily, aroused, excited seeing her handsome father
staring right at her barely covered creamy wet little
pussy as she gyrated, seeing him pressing his cock
against his arm, him fucking his hips up toward her
staring at her swollen young breasts.

She felt terribly naughty; what she was doing was
maybe wrong to be doing to her father, but looking
down into his eyes the way she was and the smoldering
way he looked back at her she couldn't stop. The
minute she decided to leave dancing in front of her
mirror and into her father's bedroom, she wasn't a
little girl anymore; she was dancing for him, his own
little whore slippery hot wet, her entire body
tingling. His staring at her made her feel even more
sexy even more sexual, even more like the little whore
she imagined herself being for him when she touched
herself at night.

She saw his cock under the covers, saw it lift the
newspaper up, again, and then again, and felt wickedly
naughty. She'd made him hard, her father, visualizing
his cock thick and straining lifting up the blanket
and newspaper him trying in vain to conceal it. She
saw him press his arm down on top of his erection, and
his hips rise once, twice, rubbing himself. She wanted
to see it, up close, hold it in her warm little hands,
her father's cock, hard and angry and wanting to be
inside her.

She'd seen him naked before, peeking into his bath
when he was showering, his long thick hard cock
standing up soapy and glistening and so, so beautiful.
She'd run back into her room and climbed under her
covers rubbing herself to orgasm touching herself
imagining his warm wet mouth sucking her hot swollen
puffy little breasts, imagined him pulling on his cock
in the shower having seen her, his hands all soapy
touching her everywhere at once, her pulling on it for
him, like the man with the woman in the magazine she'd
taken from his closet, the magazine that had inspired
her to peek on her father, to think about him that

Jill was delighting in watching her Daddy lying just
beneath her, as turned on as she was, responding to
her, aroused by her, his little girl his daughter his
private little whore her eyes gushed into his.

"Daddy, let me show you how the girl in the movie did
it, except Daddy," she paused, making a little girl
pouty expression and so aroused she spoke in an almost
whisper, "the girl on the TV, she-she wasn't wearing
panties, so, I should do that, too, don't
you think, Papa?"

She watched her father's eyes spark and smile, his
mouth hanging open in anticipation.

Before he could even answer, even if he could answer,
she'd stepped over his legs, straddling him at his
knees turned and bent over right above him, him
looking right between her young little legs, at her
perfect little pussy, her soft round little bottom.

Looking into her father's eyes, she tugged her panties
down one side at a time in rhythm to the music,
wiggling her bottom provocatively her handsome father
breathless; all he could think was, "My god, my sexy
little baby."

His heart pounding he desperately wanted to pull on
his cock as he watched his daughter, pressing his
wrist against it making him see stars, his thoughts
perfectly on her, imagining, fantasizing, watching her
movements as if in slow motion, savoring her every
little twist and turn of her lovely little hips,
wanting to see her soft little cunny.

Jill turned slowly her breasts visibly swollen, her
soft feminine little hips rocking and swaying more
deliberately, slowing, accentuating her heat like the
woman in the movie arousing herself, her smiles
flashing hot, her face flushed now too, biting her
lower lip, her visibly excited, making herself so wet
she needed something inside her to fill that place
deep in her warm little belly.

She pictured her father's cock, and felt it deep in
her core, felt her cream dripping down the insides of
her soft pearly bare inner thighs igniting in her a
roiling steamy lust for him his incestuous hot hard
daddy-cock her eyes flashing into his, licking her
lips, her father' in her warm wet little
baby pussy.

He saw that look in her eyes as she tipped her panties
down provocatively, teasing, her bald mound satiny
shiny bare smooth, her boy-shorts revealing a damp
spot over her warm little hole.

She saw her father's cock jump as he stared at her
bald little mound, a glimpse of her, of what was to
come, tantalizing, performing for him.

She smiled powerfully, pushing her panties down even
further, past the cleft of her bare soft little baby

Seeing him draw in his breath, him lick his lips
looking at her dripping pink little slit, him unable
to pull his eyes away from her tender bare groin,
willing her to reveal herself, to show him all of her,
she turned again, teasing him, wriggling her hips,
pushing her bottom out, her father now more openly
rubbing his cock under the covers.

She could see it, its was huge and thick
and hard, much bigger than her boyfriends, and her
incestuous thoughts made her gush creamy hot wet. The
thought of his cock, her father's cock touching her
wet little cunny made her gush and her knees weak. She
swiveled and rocked her tender little hips, staring at
it, moving her hips as if her father's cock were
inside her.

Rhythmically undulating she tipped her panties down in
front again, bending over at the waist, causing her t-
shirt to raise up over the lower swell of her breasts,
her nipples threatening to show themselves too, giving
him a first real and total peek at her perfect bald
little cunny, her pink wet little slit.

He drew in his breath, his eyes big, his cock lifting
the blanket.

"Do I dance good, Daddy?" Jill asked breathlessly
looking her father right in the eyes, both so aroused
they were both dripping hot wet with incestuous

Her little slit, her beautiful belly, her perfectly
smooth mons, her incredible thighs, his lovely
beautiful little baby, his cock so throbbing hot hard
he was lifting his hips without realizing.

Looking right at his daughters shiny little pussy he
growled, "Mmmgghhhyes, baby, Daddy thinks you're an
amazing dancer, better than the girl on TV."
acknowledging he knew the movie she was imitating.

"Do you like...dancing for Daddy, sweetie?" he asked
looking right into his little girl's eyes, already
knowing the answer, not really asking the question.

Jill nodded, biting her lower lip. She stood
transfixed, swiveling her little hips, biting her
lower lip, her father's little girl again, her panties
pushed down, her bald little cunny exposed to him, her
father's gaze making her creamy little pussy throb.

She'd hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her
loose little boy-shorts, and swiveled her hips in slow
motion. She wasn't dancing anymore. She bent at the
waist, her legs straight, her movements now, back and
forth, staring at his cock under the covers, his
gripping it, wagging her little bottom her imagining
her rubbing herself on it, it slipping through her
creamy little folds, sliding through her wet humming
little slit. She licked her lips again and bit her
lower lip her breath gushing through her nose.

He couldn't stop himself; he wanted her to see him
slide his hand under the covers to rub his swollen hot
hard cock. Her eyes followed his hand under the
covers, him stroking his erection as she moved above
him swaying her little bottom back and forth, looking
at his hand under the blankets and then back into his
eyes, and back again.

The look on her face was priceless. He felt powerfully
sexy too. He looked up at his little baby, his face,
savage, hungry for her, her bare belly her soft little
pussy her creamy wet little slit; he could smell her,
her sex, her dripping wet creamy young little cunt,
her glowing heart-shaped little bottom wriggling so
provocatively, her bare bald little cunny calling to
him, the way she bent her knees, rocked her hips,
gyrating, not because she was dancing anymore, but
because her swollen hot little cunt was on fire for
him, dripping slippery hot, creamy wet, her hands
cupping up under her swollen little breasts, his
little lover girl.

Jill turned and arching her back provocatively bent
over. Her legs spread open, her little bottom pushed
out, her frilly boy-shorts down over her bottom past
the opening of her thighs her beautiful bald hot cunny
fully on display, her smooth bald dripping wet little
pussy from behind, pink and swollen.

The newspaper fell off the bed, her father jacking his
cock staring at his little girl's ripe dripping little
baby cunny.

She pushed her panties down until they slid frilly and
delicately over her smooth bare thighs, down her
glistening bare calves, and in time to the music
stepped out of them perfectly feminine, so tiny, so
petite, so girlishly fragile just like the woman had
done in the movie making the man watching her growl
with want.

Standing above her father, straddling his legs, she
turned facing him, her bald little pussy glistening
wet, her sweet little slit open and revealing her pink
inner folds. She heard the rumbling growl rise deep
in her father's chest.

He stared directly at his little girl's perfectly
smooth slit, his daughter so close he could smell her
fragrance, his little girl smiling down at him, a look
of pure flushed sexual arousal in her eyes.

She lowered herself sitting on him straddling his
waist, her warm heat and weight crushing into the
bloated swollen need of his throbbing hard cock as she
began humping her father's lap. A look on her face
feigning she was still just dancing for him making the
moment all the more incestuously hot, fervently
naughty, the two dancing on that precipice, father and
daughter, incestuous lovers, the ultimate taboo so
natural and necessary and absolute in that devastating
moment when her bald little slippery wet cunny touched
the bare underside of father's raging hot hard cock
rising out from under the covers under her, grazing
through her buttery wet folds, electric seething
humming, a moment full of a power neither of them from
that moment on would ever get enough of.

She could barely keep her rhythm, panting, gazing into
her father's eyes, soft mewling girlish sounds
escaping her, her buttery soft little baby cunny so
slippery wet like clouds sliding over her father's
raging hard erection.

With a sparkling heat, he reached out and lightly
barely touched her young swollen hot breasts, the
music filling the room making it all seem surreal,
dreamy, out of body.

Jill gushed out a quivering chiming breath her father
kneading her hot swollen young breasts, began rocking
her hips, sliding her father's cock through her
slippery hot little slit to the rhythm of the music.
She closed her eyes and drew in a breath as he slid
his hand under her tee, sliding his fingertips over
her creamy soft skin, her hot throbbing hard swollen
nipples, her mouth falling open, a soft mewling
gushing hot moan coming from her hearing him ask,
"Your breasts are so sensitive, aren't they baby?"

Jill just nodded, shakily, rocking her pelvis on her
father's lap rubbing her warm tingling little pussy on
her Daddy's hard cock, pushing her soft bare little
tummy forward her back impossibly arched, her breasts
tingling in her father's big hands.

Her t-shirt riding up over her nipples so hard and
swollen and reddish puffy hot...she hoped, begged,
needed her Daddy to touch them even more when he began
rubbing his thumb up and down over her pink little
slit, focusing on her clit as she rocked back and
forth on her father's lap, the music still playing,
them touching in time to the music...

..."Shake your head girl, with your ponytail
Takes me right back [when you were young]
Throw your precious gifts into the air
Watch them fall down [when you were young]

Your love - feel you put them on the ground
It use to fall apart [when you were young]

Your love - feel you put them on the ground
The hills were higher [when you were young]

Your love - feel you put them on the ground
The trees were taller then [when you were young]

Your love - feel you put them on the ground
The grass was greener [when you were young]

Your love could feel you with devotion
Used to walk upon [when you were young]"...

"You're such a good dancer, baby," her father
growled, "for Daddy, baby. Such a beautiful, sexy
little baby for Daddy, does this feel good, baby," he
smiled, in complete control, rubbing her hot little
cunt, squeezing her young swollen breasts pulling on
his daughter's puffy nipples as she rocked back and
forth on his thick aching hard cock so big under his
tiny little baby, his voice reverberating through her.

The more Jill rocked on her father's lap, the more her
movements slid the blankets down his waist exposing
his hugely swollen erection, her dripping wet little
pussy wrapping around it, grinding against it. Rocking
her little hips back and forth, her baby cream pouring
from her so slippery hot wet on her father's huge cock
demanding to be inside her, she murmured,
"love...dancing for you, Papa," moaning as he slid his
hand under her top, pushed the cotton tee up over her
breast, her father's big hand rubbing over her chest,
pulling on her nipples, her father's cock sliding
through her tingling throbbing creamy wet little cunt,
her father reaching behind her and pulling her to him,
her mouth to his, pushing his tongue inside her young
urgent little mouth.

"Oh god Daddyyyy, I'm sorry Daddy, I'm sorry, I
know... it's... so wrong, but don't make me stop,
Papa," reaching between them, guiding her father's
cock to her hot soft little baby pussy, the big head
of her father's cock sliding through her slippery wet
little slit, and finding her, her quivering warm
little baby hole, spread her open, sliding inside his
little girl, his baby daughter, his incestuous little

Jill gushed out a breath her father's cock so big and
hard and throbbing hot sinking inside her, filling
her, taking her breath away. His big warm expert hands
everywhere, touching her, pulling her down on him,
taking her. They were already both so aroused, so far
gone it was inevitable they came quickly, together, so
hard the room felt as if it too were exploding.

"Daddyyyyy," Jill gushed, mewling hot, "Daddyyyyyyy,"
desperate, "cummingggg, Papaaaa," his hot hard
incestuous daddy-cock so unimaginably sliding through
her cream so deep inside her little belly, her little
pussy so tight she clung to him as he slid in and out,
"nnngghh, Daddyyyyy," her voice quaking, shaking, his
cock melting her, filling her inch by long inch, each
thrust going deeper inside her, fucking her, filling
her little belly as he kissed her his hand on the back
of her head his fingers gripping her by her hair, her
father slipping his tongue into her mouth, her kissing
him back, on fire as she rocked her little hips taking
him as far as she could inside her, stretching her to
go deeper.

She was already cumming again as her father fucked his
huge hard hot throbbing cock deeper and deeper into
his little girl, the sensual warm buzz, incestuous
lovers, fucking, father and daughter, their mingling
hot breaths filling the air around them her father's
growling voice making her cum again and again.

"Yesss baby, good girl, rock your hips lil baby, show
Daddy what a big girl you are, what a little baby you
are for Daddy, fuck Daddy sweetie, fuck Daddy,
mmmggghhh, yesss baby, take all of Daddy, it feels
good doesn't it sweet baby, dancing for Daddy made you
warm inside didn't it sweetie, my naughty little girl,
mmmggghhyess, good girl, cum for Papa, baby, cum on
Daddy's cock my naughty little baby, you danced so
good for Daddy, babydoll, made for Daddy, Daddy's own
little private stripper, such a beautiful little baby
for Daddy."

Jill rocked her hips, grinding down on her father's
cock, "your private little whore, Papa, call me your
little whore, Daddy, please Daddyyy, say it, your
naughty little girl, Daddy, your naughty little girl,"
her words sending her into a frenzy, sliding back and
forth on her father's lap, "I've been so bad Daddy,
needing you, your little whore Daddyyy, for your cock,
Papaaa," his huge throbbing hard daddy-cock gaping
into her tight young little baby pussy, impaled on her
father's cock, her father buried balls deep in his
little girl, inside her, so deep inside her, touching
that place, her heat and wetness on his thighs as she
creamed dripping hot wet being fucked by her own
father, his hugely thick incestuous cock filling her,
swelling inside her, making her slide up and down it
like a hot little whore in heat for her father's
incestuous throbbing hard cock.

Rocking her hips in a fluid up and down motion like
the girl's she'd seen in her father's porn movies, men
on top of small, petite women, women who looked so
much like her, movies she'd snuck in and watched while
he was at work, cumming to them imagining she was the
women, the men her father.

"Oh god Daddyyy, you're - you're getting so big inside
me, Papa. Daddyyyy, cum for me Daddy, let me make you
cum Papa, cum in me Papa, cum in me," her whispers hot
and urgent, "make...a baby in me Daddy," she gushed,
startled, surprising herself hearing her say those
words turning her on even more.

"Fuck your little girl, Papa, use me Daddy, make my
little pussy yours, Papa," squeezing him inside her,
"your sexy little whore, Daddy, for you Papa, your
private little whore, Papa, whenever you want me,"
milking her father's surging hot hard cock throbbing
so deep inside her warm little girl belly as he
gripped her hard in his arms.

Like a wild animal, her father grunting and fucking
into his daughter straddling his waist, her soft and
bare, his cock swelling inside her warm little cunt,
fucking into her warm little belly as he groaned,
gripping her to him as he came, as he exploded inside
his little girl's tight little baby cunny in the
silence of his bedroom in the privacy of their home,
her and her Daddy's new shared secret.


--Little lost girl--

A runaway teen gets lost in the woods and ends up raped by wolves….

I’m alone. Naked. cold. The bitter winter air causes my skin to turn blue. Mud and dirt is caked to my knees. I beginning to think I will die here. I haven’t any strength left in me. I crawl into a tiny ball, partially sheltered behind a fallen tree. I only pray death is swift as exhaustion overtakes me and I fall asleep. I was fifteen years old when I left home. Naive and mad at the world, I thought I could survive on my own. I was all ready a shapely young woman, b cup breasts. Not huge but nice and perky. I was no stranger to sex either, having lost my virginity at thirteen. I didn’t have a plan, just mad as I stormed out of my house and down the street. I live on the streets for a while. My brown hair is a tangled mess. A car pulls up. It’s always the same. I get in. He unzips his pants. I take him in my mouth. They never last long. In two minutes he is cumming in my mouth. He hands me a twenty and I get out. I wander perhaps too far from my trusty spot. Into gangland. I should have known better. Someone grabs me from behind and pushes me down into a puddle on the pavement down the alley. Hands rummaging through my clothes. He takes my twenty. I try and fight for it, but there are more hands. Pushing me down. Tearing my clothes off. “Please stop,” I whimper. “Fuck this bitch up,” a large brooding black man orders behind me. Black stubby fingers inch inside me, finger fucking me hard enough to make me wince. Someone forces his black cock inside me, as another grabs my hair and positions his cock to my mouth. I protest, but he hits me, leaving a red hand print over my cheek. I start to cry, and he force fucks my mouth. More hands on me being repositioned. I’m straddling the guy in my cunny as another pushes into my ass. It is unmerciful and painful and I cry out. The guy in front shoves his cock back in my mouth I can’t breathe. He’s fucking my mouth as I’m sandwiched between these two guys. I get lightheaded. I can feel one then the other cumming inside me. I pass out. I wake up, cold, covered in cum and piss. Fuck. They pissed on me. My clothes are gone and I hurt so bad. I’m near the outskirts. I wander aimlessly towards the woods. There is a creek. I bend and wash the horrible stench off me. I’m so cold. I can feel their cum leaking down my thighs. Tears cake my cheeks. I walk further into the woods. I’m no longer me; just kind of here, wandering aimlessly until I decide to rest by the fallen tree. Sleep overtakes me. I’m startled awake by something yanking on my hair. I turn to swat whatever it is away and am met with growls. Something warm on my bare thigh. Saliva. A cold nose pushes my thigh wide spreading my legs. I lower my head and offer my palm as I dare look up. Its a wolf, and more than just the one. The one tugging my hair does not relinquish his grip but stops tugging all the same. The first wolf licks my hand. The sensation sends chills down my spine. I’m so scared. He moves in closer. He is huge. His cold nose nudges my privates. I try to clamp my legs shut but he nips my inner thigh, breaking the skin just a little. I realize it was just a warning. I am forced back by the tension of the wolf tugging my hair and the alpha wolf male licks at my hairless sex. His long tongue bends, folding inside me, licking me all over. I shiver, but welcome the warmth but not the violation. The whole time I’m thinking they are going to kill me. He nudges my ass. I don’t understand. He nips me again. I roll over predictably onto my hands and knees. Instantly he is on me, I can feel his fur on my back covering my tiny body. His forepaws clinch around my waist and he’s humping against me. My cunny is still slick from earlier and he slides easily inside me. Then he’s jack-hammering inside me growing larger as he fucks me. I scream but no one can hear me. My own body starts to betray me. I feel it building up inside me. “Please God, no!” I cry. It’s no use. I then feel something odd as wave after wave of mind blowing orgasm washes over me. I focus on the orgasms, lost in them, but in the back of my mind, I feel something weird. Unusual. Something pushing into me. He tries to crawl right up my back warm huge pointy cock still in me. And then whatever it was pushes inside me. I let out a loud moan and then I can feel him cumming inside me, so powerful; so warm. My toes curl behind me as I cum too. He tries to pull away from me but he is locked tightly inside of me by the bulge at the base of his cock. I can feel him pulsing still cumming inside me. The other wolves circle me. I’m starting to sweat under the large behemoth. I notice all their cocks are extended from their sheathes. I start to cry again. The alpha male starts to slip from me, but as I start to think he will get off, he starts to hump again. Soon I feel his knot pounding into me again, and he is cumming again inside me. My fingers dig into earth and pine needles as my toes curl out behind me again. My pelvic wall muscles feel like they are going to cramp. My stomach churns. He’s cumming in me so much. Its so warm. He fucks me three more times, like this never letting the knot deflate enough to pull from me. My muscles seize up and he howls, warm cum skewering my insides. I’m shaking, hurting, my muscles squeezing him in me. Not letting him go. He turns around ass to me dragging me behind him. He painfully slips from me, and torrents of cum, warm wolf cum spills from me. Another mounts me, but I realize I’m going to die here unless I do something. He grips my waist tight, dry humping me. I tuck my feet under my ass, knees to my chest, lowering my ass. I have never been one for anal sex. I tried it once but I’m a small girl. But it was that or let them ravage my poor cunny again. I winced as he sunk into my ass all the way to the base of his cock. Instinctively I reached back and took hold of the knot. No way was he getting that inside me. I hurt so bad and each thrust made me lightheaded. He fucked me for only about a minute, shooting warm wolf cum inside my ass. He slides off me, to be replaced by another. Warm cum trickles from my ass and cunny and down my thighs. I won’t be able to stand this long either. He cums inside my ass as well. As he dismounts I immediately roll onto my back as the third wolf approaches. My eyes are on he alpha male, who is regarding me with a curious look. I think fast, on my back, placing my bare feet around the fourth wolf’s cock. He grips my legs fucking my feet. I had done this before. I didn’t get much out of it. I had to admit the warmth felt good though. Another wolf was at my side. He was pawing me. I reached under him and gripped his cock. He immediately started humping my hand. My other hand subconsciously went to my clit, rubbing myself. The wolf between my feet was shooting all over me. As was the one in my hand. I aimed it along my stomach and breasts letting it spray all over me. All the while, my eyes glued to the alpha male. I finish the rest with my hands and feet. I’m covered quite literally from head to toe. My hair is matted to my forehead. I’m sure I look a sight. The wolves all disappear but the alpha. He comes over and licks my face. He then follows the others, pausing to watch what I do. I get up and start to follow them. Along the way, I discover an old hunting cabin long deserted. I take it up as my own. I look at the alpha male as he finally turns and moves on knowing I will see them again. I hurt yes. But as I heal over the next few days, I learn the extent of my own wonderful depravity, and I think I’ve finally found my home.


--Fun times with a groupie--

.... I had just gotten off stage from my guest appearance on the Dave letterman show and I noticed you standing quietly among the throng of fans all screaming 'we love u Andy'. You looked at me in awe but with a slightly shy look of cute innocence on your small beautifully frail face. As I selected the 5 people to accompany me backstage, I found my eyes suddenly.drawn to to yours. The other 4, were energetic but a little annoyingly over amped. I thought to myself, that the rest of my band mates could occupy them while I spent some time with you. As we moved with rest of the crowd, I could feel your soft little pinky entwined with mine as we walked together. Like secret school yard lovers. As we enter the room your eyes light up as you realize your backstage in the VIP room with the hottest band in your CD collection and that I am actually making physical contact with you. Something you have only dreamed about in your darkest and deepest of thoughts. Your heart pounds in your chest as you feel your mouth go dry with excitement and your pulse racing in your temples. I offer you a bottle of water and have you sit on the little loveseat next to me. As we sit, the skin on your hip tingles as it is pressed againds my leg. I turn my body so I am gazing apon you, noticing your wearing a slightly worn BVB tanktop. The like pink bra strap scantily fallen off your right shoulder. The little black cutoff shorts, snug and faded, I look down and notice your long smooth legs, stretching out to show the muscular tenderness of youth as we talk. As I listen to you talk, I notice your lips. They are soft, full and a light shade of pink outlined in a darker red, almost black, lipgloss and they tremble slightly as you continue to tell me about your home and your family. I notice your hair, like soft waves of red and the glistening strands of blonde and gold running through it highlighted by the florescent lights of the room. Your voice, fluid and sensual, so often, golden brown with luminescent halos of light, throuh thick black lashes that seem to kiss with every blink. It seems as though we have been here for hours and I take your hand gently in mine as we relax, and we are so lost in each other that we haven't noticed that we are the only two left in the room. Chances are, they went back to the hotel, in which case I could just catch up with them at a later point. I was thoroughly enjoying our time together to really care. In a subtle manner you stop talking, your words trail off as you notice our eyes have locked. Your breath escapes you in the form of a little gasp as I draw closer to u. I use my pinky to slightly move a lock of hair out of your right eye and tuck it behind your ear as your eyes close and an almost inaudible little moan escapes your lips. I smile sweetly as my left hand rests on your thigh just below the fringes of your shorts. My hand is warm and gentle. You feel the skin tingle and the feeling spins your mind and your pulse races. I lean in and smell your lingering purfum, just strong enough to quicken my pulse and mesmerize me. You glance at me holding Your breath and you slowly run your fingers through my short black hair as our lips lock. In a soft but firm embrace our lips touch and I feel your body tense as we kiss. The sensation , like tiny butterflies in your stomach and the tingling of your lips makes your mind go blank and you feel the dizzyness of vertigo. I feel the little gasps of stolen breath on my ear as I lightly kiss the nape of your neck. Your pulse beating against my lips. I feel soft delicate fingers caress the back of my head as I taste your delightfully hot skin. Your other hand accidently brushes against my bulge and you pull away instantly, blushing and appologizing while looking into your lap. Afraid to make eye contact for fear of embarrassment. I take your chin in my hand and lift your face to look at me and I whisper that it's ok. I cradle your face as I begin to kiss you again as the room spins from dizziness and your heartbeat pounds in your ears. You feel a light twinge in your abdomen and a familiar moistness begins to form from within your legs.

lk in the room, push you up against the wall and kiss you so hard that it takes your breath away and leaves you panting for breath...

Pinning your arms against the wall, I start trailing my way down your body, mapping every soft bump and curve with my mouth, tasting every inch of exposed skin my lips and tongue can search out...

Swiftly removing your shirt, a whole new expanse of skin is open to my explorations. An endless stream of butterfly kisses and miniscule licks cross up and down, left and right across your body, snaking down through the valley between your still bra-encased breasts. Still pinned to the wall, you whimper at the sensations, your eyes shut to drown out everything but what you can feel happening to your body...

I work around the edges of your bra, massaging the skin above and below the cups with my mouth, teasing both of us by refusing to remove it. Your nipples are so hard that they're pushing through the flimsy lace, and I compromise by leaning down and sucking one fiercely through the material. I continue sucking strongly, while flicking my tongue swiftly back and forth over the sensitive nub, hearing only encouraging noises from above although you still can't move...

Deciding not to play favourites, I switch to the other breast, changing tack slightly and bringing my teeth into play. Biting gently through the lace, I nibble on the nipple before pulling back to lave the area with my tongue, hard then soft, slight pain intermingling with exquisite pleasure...

I press your wrist into the wall, signalling it must stay there despite no longer being held, so that my hand can join my mouth on your breasts, massaging one strongly while lips, tongue and teeth continue to work the other over. Your free hand nearly moves to entangle in my hair, stopping just in time when some instinct reminds you it's not allowed, returning it to your side, grasping at air...

Finally tired of this part of the game, I tear the lacy barrier out of my way and away from your body, instantly latching on to the hyper-sensitive flesh that is finally revealed to me in all its glory. I devour the newly-available areas, sucking, flicking, biting, tasting all that's on offer, while my free hand continues to work on any area my mouth leaves free. Your back arches from the wall, pressing into me as far as you can without breaking your invisible bonds, trying to force as much contact as you possibly can...

Meanwhile, the attention I'm giving your nipples offers a desperate glimpse of the treatment other sensitive areas of your body will receive in the near but oh-so-distant-seeming future...

I give a last, lingering French kiss goodbye to either nipple, before rising swiftly while recapturing my hold on both your wrists, pressing them into the wall just as I press my mouth hard onto yours, invading your mouth with my tongue, allowing you to wrestle with it but always remaining the aggressor. This is me making your body sing, me making your senses hum - you're still not allowed to break free...

I pull back slightly, waiting for your eyes to finally open and meet my gaze. Undisguised carnal lust is clear in both of us, but the desperate, silent pleas for release in your eyes find only a mischievous glint in mine, signalling yet more interminable pleasure to come...

I draw one of your hands towards me, away from the wall, placing reverent kisses to the pads of your fingers before pressing one strong, open-mouthed kiss to your palm. Catching your eye again, I push the hand to the wall, making it clear that it's not to be moved, before repeating the process with your other hand. The invisible bonds still hold you in place, but now my hands are free to help explore every inch of your form...

You arch forwards again, thinking I'm leaning into yet another searing kiss, but I evade your searching mouth, dropping lower to place short, sharp kisses around your jaw. I continue downwards, tasting your sensitive neck and moving across your collarbone, finding a home at your pulse-point, fluttering my tongue over it like a hummingbird's wings while sucking strongly, leaving my imprint and marking my territory...

Becoming impatient, I move swiftly down to my knees, placing one quick kiss to either nipple as I travel, receiving twin groans of pleasure from above as you feel the brief contact to the still ultra-sensitive points. I use my hands to run repeatedly over your sides and abdomen, barely touching your skin, just enough to let you sense a never-ending, constantly-moving caress. Meanwhile, my mouth has moved to your adorable piercing, repeatedly circling your belly-button, dipping in and flicking with my tongue...

The taste of your skin is already imprinted in my brain, but this low on your delectable body another taste, another smell, is invading my senses. Drifting upwards, even from within the jeans that still cover your lower half, is the damp, musky, spicy scent that is inherently yours, drawing me inexorably downwards towards its source...

My hands reluctantly leave your naked torso as they're required to peel the tight jeans from your legs, revealing the gorgeous expanse of thigh and then calf to my questing gaze. All that remains is a scrap of lace covering my ultimate target, and the intoxicating scent from before is now almost overwhelming my senses...

I was planning to kiss and lick my way down your legs like I did to your upper body... but that's momentarily forgotten as I find myself unable to resist the draw of your taste. Roughly shoving the lace to one side, I bury my face in your apex pushing my tongue onwards in search of the nectar that had already saturated your panties and begun to seep through your now-discarded jeans. Judging by the high-pitched shriek, echoing across the room, you're not going to object to my change of plans...

You arch off the wall, bucking into my mouth as I grab hold of your ass, keeping your movements under control while pulling you harder onto my questing tongue. I greedily swallow every trace of your essence I can find, pushing you ever=closer to the brink...

Your moaning is growing louder, indicating impending release due to insistent efforts of my mouth, but I pull back and break all contact just in time, not letting you reach the summit. The moans from above turn into something resembling a growl; you're unhappy at being denied, even though you know it will only make the eventual climax all the sweeter...

Still on my knees, I look up into your eyes with a lascivious grin, your juices still smeared across my face. I lean forwards, momentarily making you think I've given in to your pleas, only to offer a teasing, taunting little lick to your clit, promising to return soon. I carefully rearrange the damp lace in its original position, guarding the area from myself, at least for now...

Finally, I get to work on your legs as originally planned. My hands massage the outsides, while my teeth and lips get to work on the insides, trailing downwards. I build into a rhythm, biting the soft skin with blunt teeth, before kissing better each little area that had just been attacked. Bite, kiss; bite, kiss; bite, kiss...

Finally having worked my way down the whole of both thighs, I use the flat of my tongue to trail a long, thick, wet line back up the inside of your right thigh, the taste gradually changing from pure succulent skin to the damp musky taste that has escaped its lace confines. It was so much fun that I go back down and repeat the act on the left thigh...

I contemplate working on your calves and feet, tempting as they are, but your quivering and whimpering suggests you need both feet to keep you upright. And I don't want you on the ground, not just yet...

I rise to my feet, staring straight into your unfocussed eyes, stroking your sides with my hands. Suddenly I grab you and spin you around, moulding myself into your back as I press you into the wall with my body, pushing your breasts roughly into the wall's surface...

Brushing your hair to one side, I kiss down the column of your neck before using my tongue to trail all the way down your spine, making you shiver at the sensations even before I again reach that remaining scrap of lace...

Sliding the lace away to reveal as much smooth skin as possible, I caress your ass with my hands as my mouth gets to work yet again, nibbling at any sensitive flesh my hands can't cover. Above, your groaning and moaning has intensified, your hands braced on the wall high above your head...

Finally tired of my own games, I rip your panties from your body, unwilling to waste the extra seconds it would take to remove them by normal means. I pull back on your hips, making you bend at the waist while you instinctively spread your legs in invitation, knowing what must finally be coming...

Still kneeling behind you, I reach in and spread your glistening lips apart, open to my eyes for only the briefest of moments before I bury my tongue back in your dripping pussy. A guttural moan emanates from your throat at the renewed contact as I press my tongue as far as it can reach into your quaking core. The sensations in your body, from the bottom of your toes to the tips of your hair, are spiralling, twisting quickly towards an ultimate summit...

Now determined to push you over the edge as fast as possible, my tongue isn't enough to satiate my own desires. I savour as much of your flowing taste as possible as I draw my mouth away, hearing your quiet cry at thinking I'm continuing my tease, only to hear it turn into a shriek as I slam two fingers into your cunt to replace my tongue...

Pistoning the fingers of my right hand in and out of your body, I reach up with my left and grasp one of the breasts hanging from your heavily sweating body. I massage the flesh, pinching and twisting the distended nipple, both hands moving in sync and driving you onwards, closer and closer to the edge...

I lean in past my hand, and begin offering repeated little licks to your engorged clit, alternating the licks with each pump of my fingers into your core. Your moaning intensifies into a near-growl, accentuated by the occasional whimper, as your pussy starts to tighten even harder on my fingers...

I pinch hard on your nipple...

I ease a third finger into your soaked cunt...

I latch my lips on to your clit and suck hard, fluttering my tongue over the top of it...

You scream...

You cum harder than you can imagine, screaming unintelligibly into the air, barely managing to stay upright with the help of my hands, which are still mauling your breast and being clutched by your spasming pussy...

I decide I can't resist any longer, and carefully ease my fingers from inside you, instantly encasing your entire pussy with my mouth to avoid missing a single drop of your copious juices. I swallow and lick everything I can find, letting the little extra that I can't catch coat my face and chin. I gently rub circles around the edge of your hyper-sensitive clit, extending your pleasure for as long as possible without making it painful...

Your screams have finally quietened to panting and the occasional moan as aftershocks of your orgasm ease through your body, or when my still-lapping tongue hits a particularly sensitive spot. As the flow finally eases I move my mouth away, kissing goodbye to each of your lips to ensure no juices have been left behind. A final squeeze of my left hand also signals goodbye (for now) to your breast...

Licking up any juices remaining on my fingers, and cleaning as much as I can from my face, I rise to my feet slowly behind you, still holding you by the hips to make sure you don't fall to the ground. I turn you around gently and ease in to a long, soft, languid kiss. Your hands are still at your sides, obeying prior orders, but that's not want I want any more, so I gently take your wrists and pull them around me, signalling that you've been released. I bury one hand in your soft hair while the other delicately cups your face, deepening the tender kiss that still tastes exquisitely of you...

Easing out of the lingering kiss, I step away with one final peck on your lips and a gentle caress of your face. Looking intently into your eyes, my gaze offers a promise that I'll return soon, before I turn and leave the room exactly the way I came...

A few days later, You walk into the hotel room and see my bags already there. You see a note lying on the dresser, on top of a napkin. You take the note and begin reading it.

Hello my beloved slut. You are to remove all of your clothes and place them neatly on my bags. You are then to remove the blanket and top sheet from the bed and shower. Once out of the shower, you will text me, and then put on what is under this napkin. You will not touch yourself other than to clean. You are not to look at what is underneath this napkin until you have sent the text.

You do as you are told, removing your shirt, pants, and socks, having worn neither bra nor panties. You smile as you notice the rather noticeable damp spot on your pants, but fold them up neatly and put them on my bags. You then strip the bed down so all that is left are 3 pillows and a sheet, which makes the supersized king bed look even bigger. Once the bedding lies next to the bed, you resist the strong temptation to have a few strokes of your dripping pussy, and instead go into the shower.

You turn the hot water on full with barely any cold, loving a nice scalding shower to feel refreshed, and step in, letting the water wash away the dirt, grime, and nervousness. Once you have begun to relax, you work the shampoo into your hair, let it sit a moment, and rinse it. Once you have washed it out, you massage the conditioner in, and then grab the body wash I have left for you. Knowing it is my favorite scent on you, you proceed to lather up your body with the soap using a wash cloth and enjoy the scent I adore so much on your skin.

The rough cloth gets your nipples hard as you lather up your breasts, making you quickly move it down to your pussy and 'clean' there, paying close attention to your clit. You stop yourself from going too far, knowing you will be punished if you continue, and move the cloth to the rest of your body, spreading the sweet scented lather all over, not missing even an inch. Between your legs, the crack of your ass, sliding a soapy finger into your ass to make sure it's clean, even the undersides of your breasts, nothing is skipped.

Once you have finished, you rinse the cloth in the shower jets, then step under to rinse everything off. You lean back, a hand against the back wall of the shower, as the hot waters flows over your beautiful body. Once done, you turn the water off, step out feeling like a new woman, and dry yourself off, taking extra care to dry your collar. Once done you send me a text, finish drying off and lift up the napkin, gasping in surprise. All that is there is a very tiny, very sheer bra, with holes, a pair of panties that have a large hole for your pussy, a blindfold, and another note.

Put these on. Lay on the bed. Spread your legs, and arms. Wait.

You feel your pussy begin to get wet again, and stop your hand as it is halfway down your bare stomach. You put on the items, and arrange yourself in position, then wait. As the time seems to drag on, your pussy just becomes wetter and wetter from anticipation and before long you can feel a growing wet spot under your ass. As you consider if you should get up and go get a towel, you hear the door beep and open. You turn your head, unable to see a thing, but just moan.

"You better not have been playing, my little slut," you hear me say, suspicion in my voice, as I walk into the room.

"No, my Master. I wouldn't disobey my handsome Sir," you say lustily.

I say nothing, and you lay there, dreading that I am mad. After a couple of minutes you hear me open my bag, and turn your head, trying to use your other senses to get a hint of what I am doing. You smell some sweet perfume, and look around quizzically.

After a few moments, you feel a loop tighten around your left ankle, and your pussy begins to throb, knowing you are being tied up. You let loose a soft moan, eager for what is coming, as you feel me tighten your leg to the bed. After a few moments, your left hand is quick to follow. Once your left side is secure, you hear me walk around the bed and kneel next to your right ankle.

As you feel the material tighten to hold you down, you feel a kiss on your left ankle, very soft. You don't even think, just give in to the pleasure as the mouth begins to slowly, and very softly move up your left leg. The mouth reaches your knee, when you feel the loops tighten quickly on your right hand, and secure your last free limb to the bed.

"What-? Sir? What is goi-" is all you get out, as you feel a long, slender finger slide slowly into your very wet pussy, wiggle around, and get withdrawn.

"Yes, she is very wet, Sir," you hear a female voice say, and then you hear a mouth suck the cum off the finger. The mysterious voice continues, "I can't wait to taste her, she is delicious!"

You feel the kisses, now noticing the stickiness of them which is likely her lipstick, as they continue where they left off. As you feel her body move up your body, she rests part of her body against your leg, and you feel a bare breast and leg. Realizing this mystery woman is likely naked, and subservient to your Master, you almost cum right there. You actually do cum when you feel her kiss the sensitive inner thigh, moving ever closer to your pussy.

You don't squirt, just buck against your bindings a few times, getting the sheets even wetter as you gush juice, and you feel the woman use two fingers to take some of your cum and then you hear the soft smacking of her lips as she sucks it off with a soft moan.

She goes back to her task after you hear a soft smack, realizing I just slapped her ass softly, and she kisses her way the rest of the way up to your pussy. You feel her pull back, but only momentarily, as you feel her slide something hard up and down your pussy, then feel that same object being slid under you.

"Lift up now, this will be much easier and more fun," she says, and you lift up eagerly, her hands helping you where the bindings make it hard. You feel what you think is your fox tail plug slide in, and stretch your ass, making you almost cum again, and you realize this plug is a lot longer and thicker than yours.

You feel her pull back completely again, and after a few moments hear her moan, a bit louder than last time, and she lowers her mouth to your right leg, beginning to kiss her way up, but even slower. You are taken by surprise when your mouth, which is open due the near constant stimulation and pleasure, suddenly has hard soft flesh pressed to your lips.

Not questioning, you turn your head and open your mouth, licking the head of my cock. After a few minutes of swirling your tongue around the head, tasting the saltiness of my pre cum, you take the head in your mouth. Moments later you feel the woman softly bite your inner thigh, making you moan, which sends reverberations up my cock. I moan, and you are rewarded by another small helping of pre cum, which you hungrily swallow, having missed the taste of my cum.

I begin sliding my cock in and out of your mouth, and you open your mouth wide for my full width. As I get a good pace, you feel the woman get closer and closer to your pussy, and your hips start gyrating with the anticipated pleasure. A sudden bite very close to your pussy just does it, and you cum, this time squirting and covering the woman, who is only inches from your pussy, in your sweet cum.

Clearly waiting and wanting this, you hear her swallow to clear her throat, and she comments that even in such a large quantity, you taste incredible.

Having lost complete patience with my plan, the woman dives for your pussy, pressing the plug as far in as it will go, and bringing her mouth to your clit. It only takes a minute of this before you are showing signs you are building to another orgasm, and I feel I am too. You feel my hands wrap around your neck just above your collar as I keep fucking your mouth.

You try to whisper thank you, as it is the first time I have been willing to choke you, and you begin to see stars just as I explode in your mouth. The combined feeling push you over, and you begin bucking as you cum again, this time missing the woman's face almost completely due to your bucking, and instead drenching her hair and back, as I take my hands away from your neck.

You swallow my cum, and catch your breath from one of the best orgasms you have ever felt, as the woman softly and gently licks your pussy clean. Once you have recovered your breath, you feel my cock on your lips again and open your mouth to lick my cock clean. You do such an incredible job that I am heard by the time you are done. I lift up your mask and free your one hand, and you shield your eyes as your eyes adjust to the sudden light.

"You are not to untie yourself," I say, and you see my blurry shape move to the foot of the bed next to the woman, "You are only to use that to play with your pussy and you watch us."

As your eyes clear, you see me position the woman into doggie style, doing so sideways so you can see me drive into her, and your hand moves instinctively down to your pussy as you see me thrust into her deeply, one stroke thrusting the head of my cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh fuck sir! Fuck her for me! Give it to her like you will give it to me!" you moan, as you watch me begin to hammer the redhead, fingering yourself deeply.

She looks at you, pleasure in her eyes as she moans and curses at every thrust. You can see every time our bodies slap together that she is getting closer and closer to orgasm herself. You are surprised when you realize you are driving your own fingers into your pussy in precise rhythm with my thrusts, and you are just as close to cumming as she is.

"Fuck my Master, cum for my owner, cum all over his huge cock!" you moan as you and the red head build up to an orgasm in sync until in unison you both scream out as you cum at the same time.

Your cum squirts all over her bucking body as her tight pussy clamps down on my cock, which starts twitching as it is about to explode.

I push her forward so she lands on one of your legs, my cock sliding out. I turn to you just as my cock explodes, shooting cum across the bed to land on your stomach, leg, and pussy.

"Oh fuck!" we all say in unison, as our bodies begin to calm. The redhead curls up on your leg, and I stumble around the bed to lay beside you, kissing you with the taste of my cum still in your mouth.

"Yes Master..." you half-moan, half-whimper as I tell you that I want you to kneel. You get down on your hands and knees in front of me and stare longingly at the bulge in my jeans. But you know better then to reach for it without my permission. "Please Master. Please let me taste you, please..." you beg as you look up to me with lust and longing.

I smile at you for a moment, enjoying the sense of power, before giving you the command, "suck me off, my slut, I want your lips around me, and I want to feel how much you need it, how badly you want me in you my slave."

You reach out slowly and unzip my pants, freeing my dick, and you lick your lips, before humbly sliding your tongue along my shaft, and then wrap your lips around it. I grab the back of your head and move you along it at my own pace. I slide myself all the way into your mouth, and then slightly down your throat before I growl down at you, "swallow my cock, my slut, I want to feel your throat muscles contract around me."

You do so willingly, again and again until I can't stand to remain put in your hot and wet mouth any longer. Then I slide back out and start to fuck your face with more enthusiasm. "Touch yourself my slut, and spread your legs so I can see you do it."

You moan at the command and rapidly position yourself to do what I asked, all the while sucking greedily at my rock hard cock. I feel my balls tightening, and increase my rate of fucking your face my slave...

I wake from my dream and feel the need for you to be here to give your body to me and my desires. But I know that you're thousands of miles away. I sit up and walk to my computer. I open my e-mail and read the messages you left for me. I read the first one saying you'll be at my feet doing my will in six more months. I smile at the thought, and my mind begins to daydream.

You're standing alone in the mall, looking around expectantly, but you haven't seen me yet. I decide I've made you wait long enough and walk up behind you. I slide my arms around you and whisper seductively into your ear at the same time, "Hello.... my pet...."

I feel you shudder slightly, and I hear a quiet moan escape your lips before you respond, "Master...."

I pull you closer and kiss the side of your neck before whispering into your ear again, "I love you, my slave... I also want you". I add as I rub the growing bulge in my pants against you.

You shudder again, and skin becomes covered in goose-bumps. I grab your hand and lead you towards a deserted hall-way, away from all the hustle and bustle of the main areas. You follow me without a word, the fear, lust, and excitement evident in your eyes.

I take you around a corner, out of sight and out of sound of anyone else. I pull you close and gently kiss your lips. Another quiet moan escapes you as my hand quickly slides inside your shirt. I smile slightly as I find that you're not wearing a bra. You grind your hips against me and arch your back as my hand finds your erect nipple and begins to slowly pinch, twist, and pull on it. "Please Master, fuck me... please... I need to feel you inside me... please..." you manage to whimper in between moans

I feel your fingers digging into my back, scratching me, turning me on even more. I use my free hand to pull them away and raise them above your head as I push against the wall behind you. "I want you to come for me my slut, I want you to come hard, come fast, come now." I command you and then bite down on your nipple through your shirt.

Those words were all you needed, and I feel you writhe beneath me, your moans reaching a crescendo as you go into orgasmic bliss. The feeling of my hand inside your pants, making slow circles on your clit, brings you back to earth somewhat. I'm looking into your eyes with lust, my cock is freed and pressing against your pants, where they are covering my hand. "Please Master... Please... I need you inside me... I need you to fill me... Please Master... Please, I want you so bad..."

I lean forward and nibble on your ear-lobe before whispering in your ear, "That's it my dirty little slut, beg for it. Let me hear how much you want my cock in you."

You can only moan pleadingly in response. Satisfied that your body is mine I slowly undo your pants, pressing hard into your wrists above your head. I finally slide them down to your ankles along with your soaking wet panties. I use my fingers to spread open your pussy lips, and slide the head of my dick up and down your slit. Slowly coating it in your juices, the air permeated with the scent of your desire. "Please... please..." you manage to gasp in between moans, fighting the urge to push your hips forward and take me inside you.

I whisper into you ear, "I'm about to take your virginity my slut... Ready?" the commanding tone dropping for a second on the last word, being replaced with caring concern.

You slowly gulp and then manage to nod your head in response. I kiss you lovingly, and then drive myself inside you with one thrust. You yell out in a mix of pleasure and pain as I break your hymen. You then whimper in protest as I pull out again, till only my head is left inside you. Then I ram myself home again, barely managing to think straight due to the amazing heat, tightness, and wetness I feel engulfing my shaft, and the moans of pleasure I get from you with every thrust. Each time I fuck you a little faster and harder, burying myself to the hilt inside you; filling you like you've been filled before. And you moan your thanks and enjoyment of it.

I feel your muscles tightening around me, your back arching, and then I hear what I've been waiting for, "Master please... let me come, I need to so bad... Please Master, please..."

I can hear in your voice your struggling to hold on, "Not yet my slut, not yet, a few more seconds," you moan even louder, barely holding on, but you obey my command.

"Please Master, please let me do it, let me do it now; I need to so bad. I can't hold on much longer. Please..." you beg my breathlessly, your eyes closed in intense pleasure.

I wait a couple more seconds before giving the command, "Come for me again, my slut, come for me now, make me feel you..." and you're over the edge. I feel your muscles pulse around me, trying to milk my cock for all you can.

I feel my balls tightening, the sperm boiling in them. You hear the change in my breathing, telling you I'm close, "yes Master, come in me please, I want to feel you release inside me, I need it Master, Please, Master Please..."

But I pull out and push you to your knees instead. I see the disappointment in your eyes, but you do what I tell you to do. You open your mouth and take my dick inside, sucking for all your might. I drive myself in and out of your mouth with the same force I drove into your pussy. Unable to hold off any longer, I shoot load after load of my comer into your mouth, and you greedily swallow every last drop.

I sit in my chair until my breathing returns to normal, and then I stand and grab a towel to start cleaning up. I just finish putting the towel into the dirty clothes pile when I hear the familiar chime, telling me you've just sent me an e-mail. I open my account again, and read the new one you've sent me. "I want you. It's raining out, and I want you soo bad..."

"I want you soo bad Master..." you beg me, your naked body bound spread-eagled by the ropes attached to the cuffs on you wrists and ankles. The rain coming down on top of you, coating your in a thin mist of rain water, the rivulets running against your naked sides and pooling on the truck bed beneath you creating a contrast against your warm skin. I look down at your beautiful body, and decide it's missing something.

I pull out my rope flogger, and quickly bring it to bear against the top of your breasts with a loud wet smack. You moan and whimper in pain and pleasure, struggling against your bonds trying to raise your breast higher to give me an easier target. Your breasts turn a beautiful rose pink color, contrasting against the rest of your fair skin. "You like that don't you my slave?" I ask you.

"Oh god yes Master... I love it, I want you hurt me Master, need it, please Master, please..." you moan, you eyes filled with lust.

I slide the tails of the flogger over your wet skin, sliding it across your stomach, until it rests between your spread legs, the tails covering your wet pussy. Suddenly, I flick my wrist and make a light hit against your cunt lips. Your hips buck slightly as you let out a cry of passion that fades into a pleading moan of ecstasy, "Please Master... Please, I'm so wet... I need you..."

I take my hand and slowly slide it against the wet skin on the inside of your thigh. You pull against the ropes harder, trying to slide your cunt closer to my hand as I make my slow progress towards your intimate flower, "Please Master... I need you in me... Come in, in my mouth, on me, whatever you want; just please stop teasing me... Please, I need to feel your hardness inside me..."

I smile and continue my slow journey, enjoying your litany of desire, and the control I have over you. Finally my fingers are at the entrance to you. They're already soaked by the streaming rain coming down on us from above, but I can still feel your own wetness seeping from you in droves. Coating my fingers in the warmth that accompanies your liquid desire, I spread open your lips, revealing your entire flower to me.

Then I take my other hand and slide a finger into you with ease. Your begging is interrupted by a long lustful moan as I slide it all the way in. And then I add another one, stretching you. Your eyes screw shut in pleasure, your hips move as far forward as your restraints allow. Arching your back, your shoulders rub against the rough surface of the truck bed. I lean down and slide my lips around your clit, sucking it into my mouth, running my tongue over it as my fingers begin to move inside you.

I feel you rapidly rushing towards the edge. I pull my mouth from your slit long enough to say, "I want to come my pet, I want to be-able to taste how much you want me."

Then I bite down on your clit, driving you over the edge like a stampede. You orgasm around my fingers that are in you. My tongue runs over the tip of your clit as my teeth press into the tender flesh. Just as you begin to come down from your high, I pull my fingers out of you, and impale you with my tongue. The sensation causes you to come again, coating my lips with your juices. I slide up your glistening body while the storm around us gets worse. The sound of thunder covers up the sounds of your occasional light moans for a moment. I kiss you on the lips, causing you to taste yourself on me.

Then I whisper in your ear; "My naughty little slave, you came without permission."

You shudder slight as you pant out of breath, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry Master... I'm sorry..."

I chuckle before replying, "It's okay my slave... but you must be punished..."

You whimper slightly, but more in expectation then fear. I sit back up and pick up a small crop from beside me. The sky is darkening to the point where you can barely make out my silhouette against the sky. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashes across the sky as a line of white pain, and the particular pleasure that comes from it flashes across the skin of your breast. I hear you cry out in ecstasy again, and then another line forms on your other breast. In the sound of the storm I can hear you begging me again, "Oh Master! Please! I need you in me! Please..."

Unable to hold off any longer, I position myself between you and drive myself into you; faster and harder with each thrust as the storm around us reaches a crescendo. I only see your naked body during each flash of light. Your skin outlined against the dark back-drop of the truck bed. I see you straining against your bindings; a look of extreme pleasure chiseled into your face by the harsh shadows cast by the bolts of lightning.

Then we're in darkness again. The inability to see only heightens our other senses; the feeling of our wet bodies gliding against each other...the pleasure emanating from where I drive myself in you...the sounds of our breathing, your moans of passion, filling the air. "Come for me my slave, come now, come as I pound my load into you, releasing inside you." I manage to command between labored breaths.

And I feel you orgasm around me, the ability to hold back stolen as you milk my cock inside you. I drive my self as deep and hard as I can as I shoot load after load of my hot sticky come into you, pumping it into you as deep as it will go. I pull out and move up your exhausted but content body, the storm begging to weaken around us rapidly. "Suck me off my slave; I want you to taste the mix of my come and yours on it." I order you breathlessly, as I position my dick at your lips.

You suck me in instantly, wanting to taste me. I ride your face and come another time before pulling out and collapsing on top of you.

I answer your e-mail, telling you how much I wish you were here. How I want you at my feet. How I wish I could wake up each morning to the feeling of you sucking me off. I finish it with the words, "I love you so much" I log-off and look out the window towards my car. I notice it's raining here, too.

I bend you over the hood of my car, your nipples rubbing against the wet metal as I spank you repeatedly until your ass turns a wonderful crimson. A moan escapes your lips with each hit. Then I lean over you, the head of my dick rubbing against your already-dripping lips. I whisper into your ear, "Moan for me my slut, because I'm about to fuck you, and I know you want it..."

You moan pleadingly as you lay down more against the hood, raising your ass and placing my cock right against your opening. I slowly push inside you, reveling in your wetness on the inside as our bodies are soaked by the slow rain on the outside. I increase the speed of my rhythm, making you call out my name in betweens gasps and moans.

Too soon I feel you getting close, so i pull out, and flip you over. "Get on your knees and suck me off my slave. Suck like your life depends on it."

You slide off the hood of my car and kneel in front of me. You slide your tongue along my length, before taking me into your mouth. When I feel my balls begin to tighten, I tell you, "Finger yourself, imagine I'm fucking your dirty little pussy as I fuck your face my pet."

You do so, eagerly, your moans vibrating my shaft and running all the way down into my balls, causing them to boil. "Come with me my slut." I command you, and I feel the rising culmination of your moans as you go over and take me with you, shooting more and more into your eagerly-waiting Mouth. I shudder slightly as I feel your tongue sliding over my head, seeking every last drop of my come as our bodies are washed clean by the gentle rain.

I look back to my computer-screen as I hear it chime again. Once more I open my mail, and I read your response. "I want you Master, I want you now. The summer is too far away." I can almost hear your voice in the back of my head pleading with me as I read it.

I know, my Love. I want to hold you in my arms, cuddling against you. I wish I could feel your heart beating so close to mine, to fall asleep to the sound of you breathing. I love you soo much, I want you. I want to feel the soft, yet firm flesh of your breasts in my hands. I want to taste your lips, your tongue, and your desire. I want to feel your warmth and wetness engulfing my fingers... My shaft... I want to feel myself inside you, filling you up for the first time... But above all else, I want to hold you in my arms and look deep into your eyes and see my love for you mirrored there. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms knowing that I never want anyone else, and that you will only ever want me...


--Daddies girl (Grounded)--

I picked my daughter up from school as usual we headed home. As we drove along, I was replaying.the fact that her mother had grounded her for something she had done.the day befor and trying to decide how to punish her at home to keep her mind off the grounding. I listened to her ramble on about her day at school as I thought of chores or assignments I could give her. I noticed the sun through the windshield.sparked in her blue eyes. God, she's beautiful, I thought to myself. The sun glowing through her hair, setting the blonde highlights on fire. She continued on with her story of this one passing notes to that one, this one telling a joke at lunch and making that one snort milk, you know, the usual school craps at that age. We arrived at home and she ran up to her room to do her homework, as I sat down to play one of myps3 games, unwind from the day. I didn't hear her footsteps over the gunfire, so I jumped a little when I felt her lip on my ear and her little arms wrap around me. "Daddy, I love you." She whispered in my ear. "what do you want, pumpkin? Daddy's playing." She stood in front.of the tv and poured her little lip out. " Daddy do I have to be grounded? All my friends are outside and I wanna go play. It's boring in this house."
Now, honey, you know what your mother said, and nothings going to change that, I'm sorry."
She stood there for a second, my game was paused, so I was waiting for the "buts" and the "please, daddies" to come spilling out. To my suprize she came over to my lap and straddled my legs. The weight of her small frame resting on my crotch, the soft breath on my neck as she wrapped her arms around me. She began to gently kiss my neck and I felt something stir deep inside me. I pulled away "wh-what are you d-doing?" I stammered. " what mommy does when you say no." Her little grin slyly spread across her face as she looked at me. She cradled the back of my head with one hand and leaned in to kiss my neck again. " We can't do this. It's not appropriate." Even though in my head, fear and excitement were at war. What was going on? I had never really looked at her in any seductive manner and yet her she was making me feel things that a father should never feel towards a child. At 12 i had started noticing her growing into a woman but never, in my wildest dreams, did I think of her as a desirable entity. I sat back and tried to glare at her "ok , sweety, you have to go up to your room. You cannot do stuff like this." She leaned back and looked at me with the softest blue eyes and started to slowly remove her little blouse , one shoulder at a time, slipping it down to her waist. I tryied so hard to fight the urge to look, to scream for her to go, but I was frozen. The softness of her collarbone, the small fingers working the fringes of her blouse as she slipped them down her smooth little arms. I could hear the blood pumping in my ears as I felt my cock growing harder by the second. She sat ever so still, humming and giggling as she looked at me. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed her chest out, showing me her little puffed mounds, her tiny nipples pink and her areolas slightly darker pink. She was really growing up nicely, into a fine young woman. But that's no excuse for a father to lust for his child. And yet, there I was, frozen, unable to move. "look daddy, they're getting so big, I am almost ready for a b-cup" she looked so proudly at me. " feel them , daddy" reluctantly, I let her take my hand with her small delicate fingers as she pressed my fingertips firmly against her little nipples. "it's ok daddy" she whispered as a little gasp of air escaped her lips at our contact. I began stroking her nipple with the ball of my thumb, noticing her tummy get tight and her breaths coming in short spurts. She looked at me and smiled, batting her long eyelashes. " You want to kiss them, don't you, daddy? Like you do with mommies." Had she been watching us at night? Oh my god, what am I doing? Just as I was trying to get up , she put a hand on my chest. "nooo daddy." She leaned in closer, her nipple pressed gently against my lip. She adjusted her straddle and I could feel the warmth of her little panties under her skirt through my jeans. Almost instantly, my cock jumped and throbbed. It was almost as if I could feel between her little lips as she pressed down on to my lap. She held the back of my head as I gently kissed her little nipple, tracing it with my tounge. Little gasps of breath could be heard as she leaned her head back. I could feel her putting her weight on my cock as if she knew it was pressed against her tiny clit and every so slowly rocking back and forth along my shaft. " You like that, daddy?, it tickles." How did she know how to seduce? Maybe she had watched her mother and I, had she discovered the movies on my ps3? My mind was racing and I had lost all control of the situation. She continued grinding on my stiff jeans as she leaned in to kiss my mouth. Her tounge darting across my lips in between kisses. I involuntarily opened my mouth and immediately felt her little tounge touch mine. Befor I knew it, my hands were pressed into her back and we were in the deepest of kisses. I felt her free hand reach down press onto my cock as she scooted back a little. Without a word she climbed of my lap and knelt in front of me. " wha-what are you up to?" I studdered as I thought of what she was planning. "shhhh, daddy. Just relax, I seen the way u smile when mommy does it." She started kissing my cock through my jeans and rubbing herself across her panties. My cock was on fire. She looked up at me, licking her lips as she slowly undid the button of my jeans. Pulling my zipper down, I heard her wisper"lets get rid of this, shall we?" I just stared in amazement as this tiny replica of my wife was full-throttle seducing me. I felt her nimble fingers and warm breath as she grabbed the waistband of my undershorts and pulled them down to free my hard engorged cock. " Wow! It's... It' ...big!" As she gasped out the words, I could see her eyes wide and bright and a surprised look of wonder spread across her nubile face. My cock fully aroused, standing at full attention just inches from her face. I heard her mumble " how does mommy fit that in her mouth, the whole thing?" As I felt her hot breath on my head. I watched her with anticipation as she slowly gripped the base of my thick shaft with one hand and traced my head with a little painted nail of the other hand. My eyes closed and stomach tensed involuntarily, as she poked the tip of her tounge against the vein of my very hard cock. Her little tounge was so soft, so warm and wet. " honey, don't try to take it all. You'll choke." As she gave it a stroke, her tiny hand seemed to take forever to make it up my shaft. Without a word, I felt the wetness, the heat, the velvety interior of her mouth as she engulfed my head. Her mouth, so small, was so tight. I looked down and a chuckle escaped my lips as I realized her mouth looked like it does when she's at the dentist. Her poor little Rosie lips stretched so far, and she was trying so hard to fit the whole head in her mouth. "mmfmfmf" was all I heard. "don't talk with your mouth full , dear." And with that ,I heard a soft plop as my cock popped out of her mouth. "it's ok, daddy, my mouth hurts a little but I can do it. Just like mommy." She went back to fitting the swollen head back into her mouth and began stroking my shaft with both hands. Very slowly, I could feel my cock edging it's way down her tiny throat. With little gags and a tear running down her cheek, she continued to carefully force it down her throat until about 5 inches disappeared. I sat amazed that she could take it as far as she did. " my goodness, baby girl. Your actually pretty good at this." Eyes closed and head back, I relaxed my muscles as she swallowed and realesed my cock like a pro. I suddenly felt a tickle above my cock and realized it was her nose touching my skin. Holy shit, she gobbled the whole thing. Her face was red and she was breathing heavy through her nose as she continued to deep throat all 9 inches of my cock. After a few more wet strokes , I could feel the urge to cum. I gently grabbed the back of her head and as the feeling hit, I heald on for dear life and filled her mouth to the point of overflowing with cum. I thought she would vomit or gag, but I could see her little throat swallowing it all gulp by gulp. she took my cock out of her mouth and looked at me proudly for a moment. I sweetly kissed her forehead as she climbed up onto my lap, my cock pressed between our bellies. "oh my, it reaches from my nookum to my boobs, daddy." I smiled and lifted her into my arms, only to put her in the spot I was sitting. I knelt down between her skinny hairless legs. " daddy, wants to show you something." As I began to caress her legs and kiss her little panties, I could smell her innocence, her moistness. " It tingles down there daddy, like when I'm under my covers, tickling myself." I looked up and saw her smiling but saw the fear of the unknown. I thought to my self, she must not have reached orgasm befor. As I continued to kiss and lick her panties, her smile disappeared and a tight lipped expression took its place. I heard little squeeks and gasps as her muscles flexed. I removed her panties to reveal a tiny wet slit of pink and tan, glistening from the young juices of her arousel. "sweety, have you ever had an orgasm?" I asked her, knowing the answer in my head. "orgasm, what's that?". She was curious. "well, it's like a firework. When u tickle yourself at night, does it ever spread out to your belly or tingle your whole body?" "well I I start to tickle myself, it gets this funny feeling in my nookum and then it goes to my belly and I can't breath so I stop." I looked at her, adoring her youth and innocence. "awww, sweety. It's like that but when it gets to a certain feeling , you'll feel a pop somewhere deep inside, and a.big huge tingle will cover your whole body and your head will feel like when u are on a spinning ride. Dizzy and funny and your whole body explodes in colorful feelings. That is what an orgasm is." As she stared in wonder , I glanced at her and whispered" let daddy show you, and no matter what, don't struggle. Just let daddy finish'll see.". I leaned back into it and using my thumb and index, I exposed her tiny pink clit. I slowly stroked her clit with my tounge and felt her squirm. She put one hand on her belly and one on my head as I continued to pick and tounge Fuck her little preteen slit. "mmm daddy... That... Feels so good..." I felt her legs tighten as I felt a small rush of her inner juices meet my tounge. I probed deep into her and felt her grip my head as she arched her back. I felt her legs tremble and she gasped and moaned as I licked and kissed her lips and clit. Her belly and breathing flexed quicker and I saw a look of fear and overwhelming confusion on her face as the tingles turned into waves. She squeeled and cried out in short quick wimpers as she gripped my head with both hands. Her legs shaking violently as I suckeled, nibbled, and stroked her tiny button frantically. Suddenly there was a loud pitched sqeel followed by a high pitched growl and all of her muscles stiffened incredably tight. I realized she was comming for the first time. Her cum flowed into my mouth like waves of sweet buttercream. Her body rocked violently and she continued to cry out in garbled gasps. Her cum, so hot against my face, she tasted delightful. As her shaking subsided, a drunk intoxicated looking smile crept across her face, her eyes almost glazed over, her breath slowing. I sat back and looked at her. She looked so high. "see? Honey, I told you, daddy knows." Her eyes met mine as I heard her mumble"wow, can we do that again, daddy?" I smiled back, "we'll see, darling. Maybe the next time your grounded with nothing to do.".......... I slowly stood up as she gazed upon my still engorged cock. I picked her up in my arms and sat her on my knees. She smiled sweetly as I put my hands on her hips. "honey, I want you to come closer." She shuffled onto her knees, I could feel the weight of her tiny frame resting on my thighs. I pulled her closer to the point that her tiny lips were hovering inches above my head. "put your hands on my chest, sweetheart." She did as she was told, although I could still feel her tiny body trembling. "ok, now listen closely. Reach down and open your lips for daddy and just rest your little hole on daddy's head." Again, she did as she was told. She put her hand back on my chest once she had settled , keeping her weight off my cock but still touching my head . "daddy, I don't this is gonna fit in there." She looked afraid but eager to try. "just relax your muscles and when I tell u to, I want you to just lightly lower yourself. Gravity will do the rest." She reached down to stroke her tiny clit which now had doubled in size to a swollen penny . She was definitely aroused. Her fingers moist with her young precum and pubescent juices. I gently took hold of her hips, " now sweety, you'll feel a little throbbing and a pinch as we break 'the gate' but don't worry. Ok?" She tilted her head in puzzlement "what gate daddy?" "well, inside there is a wall of sorts, your hymen, it's to keep stuff out until your ready to become a young lady." "you mean I will be a young lady like mommy after this?" I smiled "yes. All young women s gates have to be broken at some point. And today is your day." She smiled and excitement filled her eyes. I leaned in to kiss her neck as she slowly lowers onto my cock. I could feel the tightness and struggled to force the head in. "owwie, daddy it hurts." I could see her face contort with anguish. I pulled her close and tasted the salt of her tears as I kissed her cheek. "I know baby. Almost there." As I let gravity take it's course I could feel her hole give way and felt the jerk of my head finally entering her wet slit. She stopped lowering herself and I realized her hymen was pressing on my head. She put her head on my shoulder as I put pressure on her hips. As she grinded down more of my shaft, I felt her bite into my shoulder. I heard her utter a loud short sweep and felt her little cherry give way. She screamed into my neck as I felt her lower herself onto my cock. I could feel the trickle of blood running down my cock as she sobbed quietly. "see? That wasn't so bad. Now I want you to slide yourself up and down using your legs. Slide up and push your hips to me. Then slide down and push your butt out. Just like that, ok?" She did as she was told and I could feel the little ridges inside her little wet mound. Massaging my cock like little fingers in a tight grip. "am I doing it right, daddy? It feels like when we went for pony rides last year." I managed to gasp out "yes baby" as she continued to ride my cock. With every push down she would gasp and grind. It must have started feeling better because she took one hand off my chest and started pinching and twisting her clit. I heard a loud moan and felt her shudder as she bore down on my cock. Instantly I felt a warm rush of fluid drown my cock. Oh my god she was comming again. Her gasps and squeels increased faster and she began thrusting herself faster on my cock. Feverishly working her clit , I felt my head swelling and the familiar twinge of being close to climax. As she slammed herself down , she screamed and gripped my chest with both hands. I lost it. I thrust upward and felt her uterus swallow my head as I shot my load . The heat and amount was incredible. As I came in long thick streams, she came in waves of hot flushing waves. Our body's continued to shudder as we sat still. Our breathing , matched in rythem as we looked at each other in silence. She leaned into me and wrapped her arms around me. "I love you daddy." I hugged her back and wispered "i love you too, now let's get dressed befor mommy gets home."..........


--Strangers become soulmates--

The book I am currently writing.... Chapter 1 Stranges in passing...

He stared into the empty blackness of the sea thinking that something in his life had to change for the better. He just wasnt content within himsef. As the waves rocked the ship gently about, he began thinking of his mother and how she had talked him into taking this cruise.Itll be, She had said. Maybe youll meet someone special. Youre a nice boy and you need someone to make you smile, instead of being a work-a-holic all the time. She had said with a wink. As he stood alone on the bow looking at the darkness waiting for a sign that life would be better, the sounds of laughter and music played out behind him. The sea reminded him of his life as a reflection of dull stationary existance. He couldnt help feel the tear roll down his cheek as he gazed at the older couple off to his right.Look at them. He thought to himself. As he tried to hold back his sorrows, he took a final pull from his ciggarette and retreived his glass from the railing. The air, warm and scented with the faint aroma of exotic blends from the islands and the smell of the open ocean reassured him that with every new breeze comes new beginings. His grandmothers last words the day befor she passed on.He raised his glass and cursed the stars above for all that was wrong in his life even though he knew he couldnt blame them for his misgivings. As he turned away from the sea, he glimpsed something or someone that had caught his eye as well as his breath. He forze and scanned the deck, not exactly sure of what or who to look for. He just knew that if he saw it again he would surely know. Franticaly, his eyes searched and strained to find whatever had peaked his curiosity. As he walked back into the main hall, he was just about to give up and return to his sorrows, when someone walked past, smelling of lillies and vanilla. He turned, but they were gone. He knew it was what he had encountered on the bow by the beating in his chest. Again his eyes franticaly searched for a clue as to who it was that had him so spastic. His senses going crazy, trying to find the answers. He knew that whoever it was had to be close, for he could still smell the tantilizing fragrence of lillies and vanilla. As he gazed around the room, he noticed the elderly couple from befor and then the woman and her small dog. He desperatly wanted to find this entity that had taunted him so feircely. As he went out to the bow for a needed smoke, he noticed through the crowd, the music, the darkess, that a beautiful vision was siiting alone in the distance. One look told him that the racing of his pulse was due to her, for his heart was beating so fast against his ribs. He thought of the idea as ridiculous but still something told him to goto her. As he pushed himself toward her, a thong of people streamed out of the ballroom and as he finaly made it to her table, he noticed she was gone. Only her tantilizing fragrence lingerd behind. He looked around but she was nowhere to be found.He sadly came to the realization that what he had witnessed was due to the alchahol and his subconcious playing on what he most desired. He quickly dismissed this and walked toward the stairs, leading down to his cabin 2 floors below. As he came to the hall that led to his door, The smell of her hit him, as if she had just passed this way. He entered his cabin and decided that tomorow was another day. As he showered befor his slumber, there was a faint knock on the door. He quickly robed and opened the door, thinking that a bell hop or shipmate were looking for him for some midnight activity on one of the ships many decks. To his dismay, all that was there was the aroma. What the fuck? he mumbled as he looked into the hall. He ran to one end of the hall, hoping to catch her befor she disappeared, but nothing. He regretably walked back to his cabin. Confusion and angst set in as he lay back and closed his eyes to sleep. Dreams of her ran and haunted his mind. He, walking through a maze and her, just out of his reach, laughing and guiding him to nowhere. He awoke the next mornig disturbed by the dreams. He headed up to the main hall for breakfast and heard the faint steps behind him. No one there. As he entered the room, there she was. He strolled close and stood near her and began to realize the lillies and vanilla were surounding him once again. His mind raced and thoughts jumbled as he swayed near her unable to speak. Her lashes, long and thick. Her lips soft and precious. Her body elegant and sensual. He simply froze and she looked at him. For an instant there was a sort of regognition of a 1000 years long past. As if they had known each other in another life. She started to smile and yet he was still speachless. She stood up befor him and simply leaned in to his ear. With a soft wisper she said Do you wish for the breath in wich I have stolen from you? He quickly realized the breath she was refering to was indeed his own, for he sudenly realized he was holding it. Tell me your name and I shall give it back to you." She wispered as she walked into the sunlight of the deck outside.Chapter 2 Its Monday morning, 11:50am. With her work done, she sits down to have a smoke and a cup of coffee. She sits thinking about the cruise that her client had talked her into going on. Itll be fun. She had said with a twinkle in her eye. Her client, a weathered older woman, was diabled to a point where it was tuff for her to clean and tidy the house and to take care of herself propely. So as an act of kindness, her son had called and set up a CNA to come out and help with his mother while he worked. So the CNA Agency sent a young woman with a freindly and sweet disposition to his mothers aid. She looks across the table at her client as she tells her of her son and how hard he works and that he has to find someone, someday. She hears footsteps coming up from the basement as she sips her cofee. The door opens and its her clients son. He glides to his mothers side and gently kisses her cheek, wishes her a good morning and she smiles sweetly. The young woman notices that befor his lips even left his mothers cheek he was looking at her out of the corner of his eye. A smile and look of wonder crept across his face. She smiles back, blushing in awe as he walks back to the coffee pot. They freeze as if in deep thought and look at each other. A glazed expression on both their faces as they turn to look at the mother sitting quietly with a devilish grin across her face. They realize that they have met befor as well as realizing the mother was up to some kind of motherly magic. He leaned in close to her ear and wispered My name is Giovanni, Now it is I who have stolen your breath and if you wish to have it back, tell me your name. She stood back stunned that he had uttered the words from which she had just 3 days befor. With gasps and studders she told him her name.Ambrosia...My name is Ambrosia. She trembled slightly and her heart racing at the idea of meeting a man who apeared as a ghost on a cruise she had taken just 3 day befor. He gently kissed her cheek. Although his lips barley touched her skin, she felt the electrical tingle on her skin. Hot, soft. She felt her nipples harden and she felt her heart quicken as the tingle pulsed between her quivering legs. She tried to regain control over her emotions, but she was lost in his gaze. Only to realize that her entire body was blushing and his mother was staring with tickled delight. She continues to work around the house trying to keep her mind off of the embarassment of losing control over her body and hums to herself quietly. Edit | Delete | Add Comment | 0 Comments

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 09:21 AM The book I am currently writing...... Chapter 2 After work he comes in to give his mother a kiss as usual and notices that Ambrosia is still present. Without a single word he strolls over to her and takes her small delicate hand in his. With their hands entwined, he leads her upstairs. Not sure of what was happening, she simply followed close behind. The innocence and uncertanty raging through her viens, she couldnt help but to feel aroused by the warmth and tenderness of his grasp. He stood her by the corner of his bed and knelt befor her. She held her breath as he placed his hands on her waist. She felt the tender strokes of his thumbs as they caressed her hips. He began to kiss across her midrif and she released her breath but quickly caught it again at the feel of the tip of his tounge circling her navel. She closed her eyes as he made his way across her stomach. She could feel her arousel from deep within. Her small succulent nipples hardend and begged to be touched. She could feel the gental pull of the button as he undid her lowcut denim jeans. He slowly slid the waist of her jeans with his fingertips just far enough to expose a streamlined and sensual pelvis. As he bagan to kiss her pelvis, she noticed him pulling her close with each kiss. She noticed her body was on fire with each kiss as he gently kissed the waistline of her panties. She felt herself dampen with arousalShe was aware of the desires forming in her mind. She placed her left hand on the back of his head and with each kiss she firmly pressed into his lips. As he gently made his way to the triangle of her panties, she could feel the mist heat from the tip of his tounge as it danced around her panties. She felt the hunger and passion race through her. He could feel, taste and sense her arousal with every stroke of his tounge. She shuddered slightly at each stroke. He slowly slid her jeans to the floor, revealing long slender legs and thighs worth a thousand kisses. She felt herself involentarily parting her legs as he continued to to kiss her panties, and as his fingertips slowly lowerd her panties, she could feel the heat overcoming her pussy. She was aware of his toung now darting and circleing her clit and her body quiverd lightly. She could feel herself hot and wet as she parted her thighs farther apart. As she felt his tounge dancing across her soft lips, she found her body rocking gently against his toung.with every penetrating flick of his tounge, her body screamed with explosions of sensation. Her pussy burned with ugancy and desire as his hands stroked her rounded hips. She gasped short breaths and as her arousal blossemed into a full onslaught of extacy she felt his breath hot and the intence feelins welled up inside, kept dormant for so long were about to be realeased. Wavae after wave of passion raged over her body as she felt his tounge probing and slicing through her pussy.A rippled wave sudenly came upon her from deep within and she couldnt hold back any longer. She came. Jubilation washed over her, her legs buckling as she grabbed his head and pressed her hot pussy onto his waiting mouth. She came with an intensity so feirce, it was a rippling effect. Her body rocked violently as she lost control of her wetness and could feel him devouring her every drop. She felt weak but driven to need him and want him to take her right there and now. He slowly kissed up to her breasts and she felt him hard against her thigh. The anticipation of their passion in their loins, the look as their eyes met, and their breaths in unity, all told the same story. Each was someone the other needed and desperatly craved for. She wrapped her arms around his sholders as they kissed. Their tounge rythmic to a melody only they could hear. Sudenly with great tender passion she felt him inside of her. She could feel her muscles tighten with each thrust of his probing cock. Her thighs tight against his waist, her fingers hard into his back. she could feel his breath hot on her neck as he drove deepr into her. His cock swollen and powerful as it lunged into her with increasing extacy. She moaned and wimperd as he thrust and he could feel her hot pussy swallowing his cock, hungry and wet from excitement. She found herself biting his sholder and the urge to fuck him to death was deep in her thoughts. She pressed into him hard enough to push him back and in the next instance she was straddling him. His hands reaching around to caress and push her into him.He held her from above and ponded from below and she was losing control of her bodily functions as she came hard and gushed over him like an eruption of sorts. His growls of excitment and her squeals of plaesure drove them to fuck hard with beast-like agression. Her clit throbbing as if to explode at any minute , she could feel herself let loose with a shower so hot and invigorating. Thick spasms rocked her pussy uncontrolably. Their bodies as 1 fluid machine, grinding to a rythmic ballet. And as he reached climax, she felt every muscle in her body stiffen and his body tighten as he filled her with the hot excretion that he offered to her as life. His hotness made her weak and she came again. As the wave took her breath away it felt as if she had sudenly froze time and the passions of the world were pourin through her pussy. He came as though the gates of heaven were filled with liquid passion and she felt her insides splashed with an intense heat as he bit into her sholder and held her tight. And in that moment, it was that tight embrace that convinced her, this was only the begining of her newly changed life. And as they lay together, they both realized there was no inner turmoil, and just pure relaxation in the both of them. Their bodies entwined like a puzzle of perfection, she realized that her universe would never be the same and he lay thinking to himself that the one thing hes been searching for is here to stay..


Hed lent her the truck for the day, with the message that there would be little hints to the evenings events. Telling her that if she could figure out the game she could be the player of her choice.

Intrigued, she thought all day about the games hed played in the past with her. None have ever been so secretive. The possibilities were endless, seeing his imagination was vast. Around 1 pm she got her usual lunch time phone call. She was pinicing out in the courtyard of the nursing home where she worked. "Hello baby, hows my girl today?", he said as she answered. "Im good sweetie. Want to tell me about this game we'll be playing later?" she asked. All he said was, "Nope, the hints are in the truck, if you care to search". They chatted a bit and then her break was over. Befor they hung up, he had her describe the scrubs she was wearing that day. He loved her in her nursing scrubs. Specially since theyd come out with short skirts and hip hugging pants. The day was warm so shed told him shed chosen a black mini with a cutesy tinkerbell top, with black trim. No panties and his favorite black lace bra. She heard him growl over the phone and told him he was terrible, with a giggle they hung up.

Work seemed to drag on and she was sure it was from the need to want to search the truck for clues. The day finally came to a close and she took the truck to the car wash to search it. It needed a cleaning so she figured, kill two birds with one stone. First she removed all the trash, finding an envolope, that said open last. Knowing she was being watched, as hed installed play cams he called them, to watch her play when the mood struck if she were sitting in traffic, she had to obey the rules. She vaccumed first the drivers side of the truck. Finding a blind fold and a leather belt hed fixed to her wrist size months before, under the seat. She smiled at the memory of the belt. Her pussy twitch along with the memory. As she started passenger side of the truck, she found a box with a new purple and black bra and panty set, and thigh high Mistress boots, under that seat. Wondering why hed combine the items, caused her to rethink her original idea for the night. He never let her be Mistress and slave on the same night. Forgetting for the time being about what game he may be playing she finished the vaccuming and headed to the auto wash. She relaxed in her seat as the young man pre scrubbed her front end. As he neared her drivers window, she shifted in her seat, showing him the tanned expanse of her long legs. She saw him watching and shifted again giving him a view of naked shaved puss. He pressed his crotch to the window, and gave the thumbs up to the camera. She smiled, shaking her head with the wonderment of why he let her play with his friends as he did. Shed let him play with couple of hers but only base play, some kisses and caresses. He liked to watch her masterbate while his friends watched. Liked the compliments he got and such as she worked herself into a frenzied cum. Telling her when shed asked why, that there wasnt enuff magic in the world and that to see her squirting all over was pure magic and it would be wrong of him not to share with a choice few. Relizing the truck was moving into the wash, braught her back to the envolope in her lap. She opened it to find a hotel room key. She knew the hotel well. It was called the PlayPen and was for all sorts of fantasy role playing. They often went there so he could bring her to squirting orgasms that filled little cups for hungry young men, whod never seen it before. Again telling her that he shared because to taste of her sweet nectar, was to taste life itself. She often wondered how he picked the specific men, that got the pleasure of "assisting" him when he was being generous.. But knew better then to ask. A little note fell from the envolope and she read it as the last brush of the wash hit the truck.

Take care to bath longingly, wear your hair the way I like it and dress in the gifts Ive given you. You will wear the offit on the bed at home and douse yourself in your liquid phermones. Meet me at the specified room, no later then 8pm and take 3 shots of our good friend Jose.

Seriously intrigued that he wanted the phermones on her. She was only allowed that pleasure when he wanted to watch other men crave her and not have her. This game was not something she could figure out and gave up trying. Letting him decide what role shed play would be more fun, considering all the combos he was throwing in.

Driving back from the car wash she notcied it was already 6pm. She didnt have much time. Arriving at the house she quickly unlocked the door, stripping on her way to the bathroom. Filling the jacuzzi with scented bath and phermone, her one secret he didnt know, which drove HIM crazy with lust, she went to the bar poured herself two shots of tequila as the tub filled. Curiosity getting the better of her she headed for the bedroom to see the outfit. Passing the hall clock she saw she didnt have time to pre scope the clothes. Turning into the bathroom she entered the tub and sighed as the warm warter lapped at her aching muscles. She leaned against the back of the tub enjoying the scent of her soap and the tingling sensations the phermones braught to her skin. The need to pleasure herself was strong, but she held back. Hed know if she did and she would be punished. He gave her no instructions to cum.

Exiting the tub, she wrapped a towel from the warmer around her nakedness and went to get dressed. She smiled when she saw the clothes laid out...

She arrived at the hotel at 7:45. She had 15 mins to get to the room. As she walked the hall looking for the room number her mind searched the recesses to recall this particular room. Relizing it was new, she got a little nervous. The events were too strange to remain calm. She said hello to the fellow patrons she knew and the new faces she didnt. She could feel all their eyes following her movements. Not knowing why. She found room 666 and entered.

The room was dimly lit and only with scented candles and one small lamp by the huge 4 poster bed. Had it not been for the silk scarfs hanging from the 4 posts it would have seemed romantic. Her body trembled with a chill down her spine. Noticing a note one the bed she went and peered at it. Pleas join us in the ajoining room Love Master

Having recieved no phone calls with a guess from her she gave him the choice of Master tonight. She felt almost afraid. Who is us and why here. The questions plaqued her as she headed for the door in the side wall.

He heard the click and knew as he glanced at his watch, Right on time he, thought. His breath caught as she entered the room. He knewed shed look gorgeous, but not breathtaking. The outfit hed chosen, was a silky, sheer mini dress. It was a deep purple amethyst. Her birthstone. The bra and panty set showed magnificently thru the fabric. The bit of tanned thigh showing between the boot tops and dress hem, made his grown tighten. He heard gasps from the other man and woman in the room. Shed heard them too, but her eyes wouldnt leave his to find where they were located and who they were. He could see her tit heaving and knew she was nervous and excited. He knew her scent and could smell her moist, excited heat. His cock swelled some more and he knew hed made the right choice for tonight. He walked to her and kissed her with all the need his cock was sending. Her mouth opened under his and their tongues explored each other. His hands slid around her small waist and down to cup her luscious apple bottom. He press his aching length against her burning core. She sighed into his mouth and he slid his hand up to cup her left tit. His thumb grazing the hardened nipple underneath. He loved them. Their size, shape, feel, taste. He especially loved fucking them, bringing himself to orgasm all over their silky beauty. He growled as her hand found his hardness. Rubbing it thru his jeans. He ripped himself away from her wanting need. He needed to be strong tonight. She was going to be a shinning example of the perfect slave and didnt even know it.


She whimpered against the emptiness left behind by his pulling away. He looked at her and said, " Come meet our guests." Taking her hand he led her to the couple, standing slightly in the shadows watching the display. "Tra my pet, this is my associate and his pet Camile." She let her eyes travel the length of him in his t-shirt and jeans. He wasnt bad looking, but there was a cruelness in his eyes, that her Master lacked. She then let her gaze settle on the female with him. She was shorter then Tra, and a little plumper. Hispanic maybe. She had short black, curly hair, almost like a pixie cut. Ample breasts with dark nipples that showed thru her white top. Her waist wasnt as near as small as Tras but she wasnt fat. She had wide hips, but not bulging and thick thighs. Tra wasnt revulted, but nor was she attracted. She desperately hoped, Master wasnt in the mood for sharing. She had no desire to be somthered by the other womans large tits or thighs.

He smiled as he watched the emothions cross her face. He even allowed himself to giggle. This caught her attention and she had the grace to blush, when she realized he knew what she was thinking. He pulled her to him and brushed his lips against her ear and whisperd, "No my sexy little bitch, you will not be forced to endure any ethnic foods. You will be used for mine and my associates pleasure and to teach his new pet how to behave. So you will be on your best behavior, right?"

She thought for a moment and wondered at his statement. She so enjoyed his punishments, his wrath was almost as pleasurable as his love. Deciding against rebellion, for now she nodded and kissed him sensually. Her hand resting on his chest, the nipple underneath responding to her touch. He crushed her to him once more grinding his cock into her pussy. Her clit throbbed with the need to get at her lover. He pushed her away and told her to fix them all some drinks. She obeyed as she listened to the two mens chatter about the ins and outs of pet ownership. More then once she heard Masters associate comment on her body and the way she moved. As she braught the drinks, Master using his black cane, stopped her and told her to remove her dress. She did as she was told, for she knew to refuse meant the cane would land across her ass. He never welted her like some pets got, but it hurt none the less.

She place the drink tray on a side table and began to slowly remove her dress. His associate watched the rise and fall of her tits as she removed the dress. The way her rib cage showed along her belly. The glittering jewel of her belly ring. The slight flare of her hips as they decended down to her incredibly long legs. His mouth watered and he looked to her Master. You could see that askance in his eyes. Her Master nodded to the other man, giving permission for him to get up and inspect. He rose and moved toward Tra. She stood perfectly still her skin anticipating his touch. They couldnt not touch. To her suprise he was quite gentle. The back of his fingers grazed her arm. "Like silk" he said. Master smiled and again only nodded. He walked behind her and standing mere centimeters from her back. So close she could feel the heat of him. His breath on her hair. She heard him sniff at her hair and his lips with a small lap of his tongue, brush her shoulder. He groaned, "God Shep she tastes like sugar and wine. Smells like heaven and earth." Walking to the front of her he stood hands across her chest and asked, "How does she listen? Looks dont mean an obediant pet." Master stood and walking to Tra looked her up and down and said, "On your knees." In one motion she dropped in front of her Master. Her knees hitting the floor with a soft thud. You could see that the man was impressed. He patted Masters back and said," let us drink a while. You can show me more of ur delicious pet." The latter was said while his tongue retasted his lips, where her skin had touched. From lowered lids Tra saw the impending jealousy in the man's own pets eyes.

The number one rule for slave ownership. Ones pet must never become or at least to never show jealousy of anothers pet.


Tra was told to bring the drinks. She did so. First depositing the sissy drink of the other woman in her perfectly manicured hand. The man came next. As she placed his drink in his hand she watched as his eyes stared intently at her nicely tanned tits. The tops almost spilling from the lacy bra. Her nipples hardening more at the smoldering look he gave her. His tongue traced his lips, his mouth gone dry. He shifted his hips. The movement causing her to glance into his lap. His cock jumped and her eyes flew back to his face. He grinned. A lecherous grin, that made her look away and to her Master for help. He motion for his drink. The move to hand it to him pointed her delectable ass in the leeches direction. The feel of a wet tongue on her cheek, caused Tra to jump and almost spill his drink in his lap. As bad as Master felt for her, he couldnt help but smile. She should know to anticipate any touch, when they are with others. Altho he sternly reprimanded her for not paying attention, it didnt show in his eyes. There was only sympathy for her embarassment.

For a while the guys talked as the pets sat at their Masters feet. Every so often Master would touch Tra intamately. Either a brush of breast, a tweak of a nipple, a graze of his fingers along the edge or her panties. Twice he let his hand slip along the warm, wet fabric between her legs. She was breathing heavy and squirming. Partly wishing Master would get on with it. Kind of glad he hadnt.

Apparently the other man was thinking the same thing. He stood, and called his pet to him. She knelt at his feet. Head bowed. There was an almost broken look about her. Tra was again reminded that she was lucky and Loved. She watched as the man told his pet to suck his cock. She looked up and hesitated. The resounding slap made Tra cringe. Shep jumped up and took hold of the man's hand. "There is no need for that here." The man looked sorry and gently kissed and apologized to his pet. Something rarely seen among owners.

Master took hold of Tras hand and asked if she would like a shot. She nodded and he immediately poured her one. He waited for her to swallow her shot and then took her mouth in a hungry kiss, that told her he was done playing nice. His hands wrapped themselves in her hair and he ground his mouth into hers. Their tongues dueled and faught. Her breathing rasping out. She clutched at his shirt. Pressed her pussy into his hardened cock. He picked her up and she wrapped her long silky legs around his hips. The heat of her snatch burning into his pants. He could feel the throbbing of her sex calling to his cock. His hands gripped her hips hard and he drove his tongue deeper into her mouth. She accepted without hesitation. Driving back with her own. She wrapped tighter around him and started rocking her swollen, aching bud against his jean clad hardness. He tore from her mouth, devouring her neck. Biting and licking her collar bone. His breathing came in a harsh in and out pattern. He undid the clasp to her bra. Freeing her beautiful tits. His mouth covered one nipple and the the other, sucking like a starving babe. He was emiting little moans of delight. His hands pulling her hard against him.

The man stopped the slow petting of his own slave and walked up to the writhing couple he put his hand between them feeling the sopping wetness of her panties and the precum soaking his jeans. "Hey bro, your loosing control here.", he said.

Slowly as if in a drug induced fog, Master looks to his associate and his words register. He looks at Tras kiss swollen lips and the bite marks on her neck. Her naked breasts, down her heaving belly to the spot where they are still clothed but joined as closely as possible. He suddenly feels the wetness of his clothes. The aching hardness of his cock. The tightness of her thighs around his waist.

He looked at her face, her heavy eyelids and the blazing fire told him she was almost ready. He couldnt believe how close hed come to being enslaved by her.

He set her down a little more harshly then intended and order her to the previous room. She walked into the ajoining bedroom, closely followed by the other couple. She could hear the man telling his pet, "see thats how you should behave. Do it the first time you are told." Again Tra caught the underlining jealousy as the woman, dipped her head and mumbled," And we are not all so lucky to have him as their Master".

After entering the bedroom, Tra was order to remove her panties. She did so and handed them off to Masters outstretched hand. He held the soaked material to his nose. As is sniffing a fine wine. Then handed them off to the other man who did the same and took it further to put them in his mouth and suck them. The whole time staring at Tras silky smooth pussy. An audible "mmmmm" escaped his throat as the taste of her juice entered his mouth


After the removing of her panties master made her get on the bed on her hands and knees. With her knees on the edge of the bed. She did as told. Her ass pointing high and at them. She looked back over her shoulder and Master groaned half silently. Lord did he wish hed rubbed one out before he got here. She was so juicy tonight, he didnt know if hed last. THe othe man heard the groan and seeing the sexually sweet torment cross his associates face knew he was going to crack soon if something wasnt done.

The man looked back at Tras upturned ass and glistening slit. Whispered somthing to Master. She watched as master got out the blindfold and belt. He put the blind fold on, whispering in her ear how much he loved her, how hot she was making him tonight. How much trouble she was going to be in if he couldnt last.

She had no idea that as she was being blind folded, the other man had called his pet over and was putting the leather belt on her. Her wrists behind her back so he had control with a simple tug of leather. He bent down and whispered in her ear. She frowned and shook her head. A tug up, braught her arms up high and painful. She cried out and relented.

Tra felt hands all over her. She knew one set was Masters the other set must have belonged to the other man. She felt them at her tits, her nipples, her belly, her hips. Her thighs, her ass cheeks, her neck, everywhere but her aching, seeping pussy. She heard the small whimpers coming from her mouth and reached for a hand as it passed between her thighs but not touching her center. Her hand was grabbed and forced back to the bed. "You will keep still my pet. You will not cum or you will feel the cane", he said. There it was out, the cane was to ensure she did indeed behave. She nodded, the hands still roaming.

She heard rustling and knew clothing was being removed. . Felt the bed dip and knew someone was in front of her. She felt hands at her head, guiding her. She then felt the very wet tip of a cock at her lips. Her tongue came out to taste and knew with out a doubt it was her Masters. She gobbled down the rest of him. Sighing in pure bliss as he grabbed her head and held her down.

The hands roaming her body stopped and she suddenly felt a tongue at her dripping pussy. It started gentle and unsure at first, then hungrily began to eat at her. Its mouth, sucked and nipped, tongue fucked and scooped. She had to pull her mouth from Masters cock to let out a very deep shuddering sigh. Her body was singing from the heat of that mouth. "mmmmm, yess, eat that pussy" Tra moaned and arched. Pushing back into the face of whomever was sucking her clit.

The hands were back. This time there was no taste test. She greedily devoured the cock pressing at her mouth. She heard a hiss and a rumbled laughter, but was too far gone, to care who it belonged to. She continued inhaling the cock, like a fat kid on a candy bar. The mouth at her pussy slowed. As if it knew she was soo close.

He watched as he gorgeous, delicious little fuck slave, sucked long and hard on his associates cock. He watch as the mans eyes rolled back in his head and remembered the first time she had ever encased his whole cock in her tiny mouth. Angels had sang.

His eyes moved down her writhing body. The fine sheen of sweat, glistening. She was behaving tonight. Tryin hard not to cum. Her cum, god what a drink. It alone could make you deleriously drunk. His eyes reached her ass and he reached out a finger to run it along the crack to the tight little bung. The first time hed fucked that sweet ass, hed only lasted a short time. Its tightness is his undoing. His finger traveled down her slippery slit, dipping into the heated pool at her opening. He sighed and pulled out a sopping finger. Sucking it clean he then put two thick fingers deep into her well and slowly started fucking in and out. She moaned loud around the cock in her mouth.

The man feeling the vibrations grabbed handfuls of her hair and started fucking her mouth harder. You could hear her muffled swallows as she gave him her best.

She sucked for all she was worth. If this didnt stop soon, she was in trouble. The need to cum was about to overtake her. She knew the only way to stop or at least slow it down was to finish off the cock in her mouth. The fingers in he pussy were making it hard to concentrate. She started slamming back onto them. The face of the person munching on her clit getting soaked. She slid along their mouth aching for release.

Masters fingers felt her pussy walls clench three times consecutivly and knew she was way to close to stop. He fucked his fingers in and out of her pussy harder and faster. Dragging his finger tips along her g spot inside. He could see the juices just gushing from her, so great was her need to cum.

He straddled the man's pet and slapped at her face with his cock. She grabbed it in her hand and mouth and began sucking. She was no comparison to his beauty. As she sucked him, he leaned down and started tonguing Tras ass. His fingers still buried in her hot snatch. The juice dripping down her clit to the bed. He could smell her excitement and knew she was getting ready. He removed his fingers and got his mouth completley around her pussy, from clit to ass and started sucking. She whimpered at the lose of finges and then squealed with the delight at the tongue that replaced them.

The other man could hold out no more and called for his pet. It was decided that he would cum nowhere inside Tra. At his pets arrival, he jammed his cock deep into her throat and exploded, with loud moans and "aaarrgghhhss".

With the lack of cock in her mouth, Tras gasps, squeals and moans filled the room. She felt the tongue in her pussy. Fucking in and out, sucking. The teeth light on her clit. She was on the edge and about to step off when, she felt the vast emptiness of the mouth removed.

The bed dipped twice and she felt herself dragged, hurting from the need to cum. She was placed on her knees, in the middle of the bed, facing the wall. She felt her arms tugged in opposite directions. Her wrists were tied with silk cords.

She tugged and judge it was a good tie. She then felt the stinging bite of a flat whip hit her swollen clit. She cried out, from pain and sheer pleasure. Almost cumming right then. A mouth soft and warm was at her nipples. She knew it to be the girl. She could smell her perfume and the two of their mixed sexes.

The girls hands traveled down Tras body. Grabbing handfulls of her ass cheeks and up and down between her legs. Between her pussy lips. "OOO Master she is sooo wet. Squishy even". She said. There was laughter and the man demanded a taste. The fingers were withdrawn and then replaced with a moan filling the air.

There was some movement and then she felt the heat of a body behind her. She felt hands come around to grab her tits. Pinching the nipples and then sliding down, deep between her legs. Her knees were shoved apart wider and a cock was thrust between. Riding along the cleft of her cunt. She moaned and wondered whom it belonged to. She soon for got as wet lips kissed her tits and neck, down her belly and to her clit. She felt hair on her belly and figured it for the girl. She felt a tongue snaked out ever time the cock head pushed thru her slit and popped out in front. It felt strange at first then very nice.

She didnt care to think, just feel. Her body had slowed down and the threat of punishment banished for now.

all written over a 4 year period that will blow your mind..... and its all one long invigorating story that will leave you breathless... trust me masturbating while writing is not easy lol :)



I was home one evening a few weeks ago.. during a storm... I was listening to music to drown out the storm wen i herd a knock at the door... i through on a pair of shorts and ran to the door... i didnt bother lookin through the peephole i just opend the door and to my suprise it was you my newly moved in neighbor....soaked to the bone i offered u inside... your hair was plastered to your face and your nipples prodded a stirring outline in yer explained to me that your power was out and were coming to see if mine was out as told me you were a little cold and asked if you could take a hot shower to relax yourself. I showed u to the bathroom and u closed the door behind you. i heard u turn the water on as i turned to cock got hard from the fantasies runnin through my mind. i thought about how u looked moving in the other day and how u sunbathed yesterday... the skimpiest bikini i had ever seen and the most beautiful skin i had ever witnessed with my own eyes.. and now here u were just a few feet away totaly naked and wet...lathering yourself with my soap...the bathroom door opened a crack as i realized my weight from leaning my ear against it...i blushed and turned back in to the living room trying to be respectful...i felt a touch on my sholder and you were wearing a towel rapped around your tiny frame. i could smell your body from where i was standing...lovely and pure... i watched as u removed the towel and let it fall to the floor...u leaned forward and kised me lightly on the lips. with a lump in my throut and a buldge in my pants i wrapped my arms around your waiste... and we kissed for several heavy minutes...your hands found the waistbad of my shorts past the hardest dick i ever had... you procedee to suck my dick and both my nuts into your mouth at the same time... with my dick all in your mouth down deep.. you started humming, the vibrations going straight to my was the first time a woman had ever made me cum that it was my turn to repay the i sucked on yer half inch nipples i worked two fingers into your were neatly shaved and soft from your lips to your tight little asshole... i moved swiftly to your pussy wich tasted better than a strawberry daquiry... thew moment my lips touched your clitoris you started to cum... i worked my fingers back in and the orgasm kept coming. u cried for me to stick my cock into you so i rolled you over and slid it in from the rear. i pumped my dick in and out of your pussy for what seemed like came and came came with huge explosions over and over till i shot the biggest load of my life into that peach-like hole. as we fell asleep in each others arms i thought to myself about the amazing woman that had moved in next door and that you lay next to me in silence... waitin for the next day you come out into the rain.....


--Lockeroom lesbian--

I never expected to get as lucky in every sense of the word as I did with Natalie. She was one of the new girls on my college’s all-girls’ Ultimate Frisbee team. 18 and barely out of high school, she already stood out because of her slammin’ bod. The other upperclassmen on the team and I stood watching as the new frosh practiced and tried to show off. I watched Natalie’s breasts strain against her sports bra as she ran and jumped. Lilah, my close friend and occasional fuckbuddy, leaned over to me, whistling softly, “That one’s damn sexy, huh, Jackie?”

I nodded in agreement, “I’d hit it. Just look at her ass. Great face, too – the whole package.”

Lilah rested a hand amicably on my ass and gave it a squeeze, “You can take her. I can see how much you want her.”

I laughed, “You think I’m that much of a seductress?”

“Hey, you had me in your bed moaning the night after you met me.” She laughed, and so did I. It was true. That had been the first of many great nights together.

We hit the field to warm up, running and tossing the Frisbee, laughing more. I showed off a little near Natalie, and I saw her checking me out.

After practice I jogged over to her, where she was standing in a group of other freshmen. “Hey, Natalie, right?”

She turned, a look of surprise on her face, “Yeah. Hi! You’re Jackie, aren’t you? You’re so good at this.”

I grinned at her, “You’re not half bad for a newbie. Do you wanna get dinner with me and Lilah?”

Her eyes lit up. “I’d love to!”

“Great. Let’s go take a shower and then we can go eat.”

In the locker room Natalie seemed a little hesitant at first to undress, but once Lilah and I had quickly stripped and stood, naked and chatting, she relaxed visibly and took off her own clothes. The steam quickly rose as we washed the mud and sweat of a good practice off of ourselves. Lilah was on one side of me, and Natalie on the other. A great view, no matter which way I looked – Lilah’s slim and athletically toned figure on one side and Natalie’s curvy body, slick with soapy water, on the other.

I was enjoying the feel of the hot water beating down on me, and evidently so was Natalie. Lilah, on the other hand, washed up quickly and then checked her watch, “Oh, damn!”

“What’s wrong?” Natalie asked, turning to face her.

“I forgot I was supposed to meet someone and I’m late,” she answered. “You two will have to get dinner on your own – sorry! Bye!”

I smiled to myself. Lilah was a great wingman.

“Hey, Natalie, could you do me a favor?”

“Sure, Jackie. Anything.”

“Could you wash my back for me?”

I turned around. Natalie squirted some cold, lavender-scented liquid soap in her hands and began to run them up and down my back. Her long fingers rubbed my shoulders, loosening up my tight muscles. I shifted a little on my feel, already feeling horny and wet. Good thing she couldn’t tell in the shower.

“Thanks. Want me to do yours, now?”

She smiled and turned. I soaped up my hands and ran them up her back and down her shoulders, then back down. I started working my thumbs at the tight muscles in along her spine. She leaned forward, bracing her hands against the shower wall. I dug my thumbs in a bit harder and to my delight and surprise her mouth opened into a long, happy-sounding moan. “Mmm, Jackie, please don’t stop…”

Bit by bit I moved my hands lower, slowly massaging her sore muscles. Every few seconds she would let out another happy moan, usually accompanied by a shudder.

My hands got to the bottom of her back. “Lower,” she moaned, and when I hesitated, “Please, keep going.”

I slid my hands down more and cupped her perfect ass in my hands. I squeezed it and rubbed it, then wrapped my hands around her, pressing my breasts into her back. My pussy was dripping. I wanted this girl.

“Natalie, would you like me to fuck you?” I was never a girl to mince words.

She laughed, “You saw me on the field. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.” She turned around in my arms, pressing her breasts against mine. I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard, rubbing her ample tits with my own. Her nipples were hard against me, and I leaned down to lick one gently with the tip of my tongue. She moaned again and I gently picked her nipples, rubbing them with my fingers. She leaned back on the wall, shuddering with ecstasy as the hot water beat down on her.

I kissed and licked her nipples more, switching rapidly from one to the other as I rubbed and gently squeezed her big tits. Still rubbing her nipples with my hands, I began to slowly kiss and lick my way down her belly to her pussy. Her legs parted for me, but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction just yet.

I licked the inside of her thigh and blew cold air over the wet part, watching goosebumps rise over her skin. I gently tickled and rubbed the insides of her thigh, occasionally getting within an inch or two of her wet pussy but never touching it. Her skin, from head to toe, was flushed and her muscles trembled. I wanted her good and sensitive.

“Please, Jackie… please fuck me…” she said, between gasps and moans.

I grinned up at her, “Have you ever been with a woman before, Natalie?”

She shook her head. “I’ve never… been… with anyone…”

I stopped short. “You’re a virgin?”

“Uh-huh…” she gripped her breasts in her hands, squeezing her nipples.

“Just checking – you’re sure you want me to keep going?”

“Yes!” She nearly screamed it, and I resumed teasing her, lightly brushing her swollen pussy lips with the very tips of my fingers. She moaned, sharply, and grit her teeth. I could smell desire on her, and I knew that she was in near agony.

I slowly moved my head to press my mouth against her hot slit. My tongue slid out of my mouth and slowly caressed the whole length of her. Natalie shuddered, running her hand through my hair, gripping it tightly. Her mouth was open, but not a sound came out.

I stood up and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices on my lips. She squeezed my ass and then pushed me down by my shoulders, silently begging me to continue.

I gently parted her pussy lips with my fingers, massaging her wetness with my thumbs. I eased the tip of my first finger inside of her, and then slid in another. I writhed my fingers inside of her, feeling every inch of her incredibly tight vagina. All the while I licked and sucked gently on her swollen clit, enjoying the taste of her.

“Oh, God… yes, Jackie, yes… that’s good… keep doing that…” Natalie moaned and twitched above me, her hands bracing against the wall of the shower so she could remain standing. Her legs were shaking as her moans rapidly turned to gasps and screams. The hot water that ran down her body onto mine smelled like her sweat and desire.

I pressed my face even harder into Natalie’s heated cunt and began to lick her sweet clit while thrusting my fingers in and out of her. I never expected her to respond so quickly, and within seconds I was using my other hand to hold her from falling on the floor as she yelled and shook with a tremendous orgasm. She thrust against my face with every wave, leaving me completely drenched.

Natalie and I slid to the floor of the showers, letting the hot water fall on over us. Natalie lay panting for several minutes before finally mustering up the energy to think.

“That was more fun than I ever thought I’d have joining this team.”

I smiled at her, “Anytime, sweetheart. Was I really your first?”

“First for everything… I’ve never even…” she laughed, embarrassed.

“Never even what?”

“Never even had an orgasm.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Not at all,” she replied, “But it was even better than I’d thought it would be.”

“I’m flattered,” I said, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“But you know, I have another fantasy I want to live out.”

“What is it? I’d be happy to help.”

She gave me a wicked grin, “I want to make another girl come.”

“Well, you wanna go somewhere more comfortable before we get started?”

We dressed quickly, pausing only for quick grabs at each other, and nearly ran across campus to my large single dorm room. The door was barely shut and locked before Natalie was eagerly pulling off my shirt. My bra came off next, and soon I was pinned under her while she straddled my hips, stroking my breasts as she kissed my neck and nibbled my earlobes. I inhaled deeply through my nose and arched my back against the bed, pressing my torso into hers.

Natalie left a trail of kisses down my collar bone as she moved to focus all of her attention on my left breast. She spiraled her tongue in tighter and tighter circles, only reaching my sensitized nipple after a few drawn-out and agonizing minutes. She grazed her teeth over it, making me shiver, and then teased it with her tongue. I moaned as she pressed in deeper, sucking on my nipple. For a girl who’d never done anything like this before, she was sure working me over well.

After a few minutes of playing with my left breast Natalie switched to my right, and repeated the entire tantalizing routine: spiral, teeth, lick and suck. I was already clenching the sheets and groaning at her every touch and stroke.

“Oh, God, Natalie… you’re amazing…”

She didn’t say anything in response. She only moved one hand down to softly stroke my pussy through my athletic shorts. A tingling feeling rushed through my entire body. I was sure that she could already feel my wetness through the shorts. Her fingers found their way up my pant leg and began to tease at me, tickling along the edges of my panties. My body hummed in pleasure as she slid off my shorts and panties.

Natalie may have been a virgin, but she was a quick learner. She’d already picked up a few tricks from me. She knelt between my spread legs, using her pinky finger to trace around my thighs and just barely brush my outer lips. I writhed under her touch, trying to press my hips into her hands. Finally she eased my desire, slipping a single finger between my lips. She slid it up and down my slit, coming close to, but not touching, my swollen clit.

This slow torture seemed to last forever before she finally began to softly rub my aching pearl. She pressed her finger into me, and I gave a long, desperate moan, my head rolling back and my legs spasming wildly. She rubbed my clit between the two fingers of one hand while tickling my insides gently with a finger from the other. I was going wild. Holy crap, this was amazing. Her finger curled inside of me in a way that made my toes curl and my back arch even more against my mattress. My entire body felt as though it were on fire. I grabbed and rubbed at my breasts, roughly twisting and pinching my nipples. The desire I had for this beautiful, inexperienced woman to bring me to orgasm was immense. After what seemed simultaneously like hours and seconds of pleasing me she slowly lowered her delicate mouth to my center. She did it slowly and deliberately, and my heart began to pound harder in my chest before she’d even begun eating me out.

After an eternity her mouth finally reached me. What Natalie lacked in experience she made up in enthusiasm. Her tongue and mouth caressed and tasted every inch of me, her lips covering me in kisses that made me shiver while her tongue probed all of my hot sex. She lavished herself on me. An immense orgasm began to well up inside of me, preparing to rip itself from my body.

After a few minutes Natalie paused, and slid up to kiss me deeply. The taste of myself on her lips just made me crazy with desperation for her to return to pleasing me. I whimpered a little, and she quickly returned to my pussy, clearly pleased with having such power over me. The spunky little minx.

This time Natalie slid a second finger inside of me, once again curling and wiggling them inside of me while she licked and sucked my clit. “Natalie, w-whatever you do, don’t stop…!” I gasped. Moans of pleasure escaped my lips. My muscles were trembling and my body ached from want. Natalie swirled her tongue around my clit and I thought I might faint from the wave of ecstasy that rolled through my body.

I soon realized that over the sound of my own moans was the sound of her moaning in pleasure along with me. The naughty girl had slid one hand down her own pants and was masturbating to my pleasure, to the sensation of pleasuring me. My excitement was already mounting. Her hips were bucking against her hand just as mine were bucking against her face.

Natalie pulled away for a second before plunging into me once again. I gasped with surprise as her tongue entered my vagina. She stayed inside me, tasting me, for only a minute before pulling out again and this time inserting three fingers into me, flexing them slightly, stretching me. I cried out sharply, on the brink of orgasm, and Natalie responded with her own muffled cry. She was close as well, both of us teetering on the edge of a vast ecstatic drop. Her mouth pursed around my clit and her moans vibrated all of the way through me, tingling from my toes to my scalp. She gently sucked on my clit, once, and that was enough. My thighs pressed hard against the bed, my back arched, digging my head into the mattress. My stomach flexed and my mouth opened and closed several times before a loud, piercing cry escaped my lips, a wordless shriek of pleasure.

The orgasm tore through me like wildfire, and between my legs Natalie was trembling and crying from her own orgasm. The sensation was so sexy that it only increased my pleasure, and the two of us yelled and groaned in tandem for an extraordinarily long time. Every time I felt that I was done Natalie would moan into me or nuzzle or lick me in a way that sent me careening off into another spiraling wave of orgasm. It was a long time before we were both done, and we lay breathing heavily on my bed.

“Did you enjoy yourself as much as I did?” she asked when we could finally speak.

“Mm-hmm,” I hummed in agreement, my body still vibrating from happy aftershocks, “You’ve got a serious talent for that. I’m impressed – very impressed.”

She absentmindedly stroked my breasts and kissed my cheek, “It was better than I could have expected. Amazing. I hope we can do it again.”

“Of course,” I replied, “Anytime. I’m proud to have been your first.”

After a good long session of cuddling, Natalie sat up and stretched out her legs, bending at the waist to touch her toes.

“What are you doing?” I laughed.

“Stretching,” she replied, laughing in kind, “Just like you’re supposed to do after anyworkout! Otherwise you may get injured, and then you have to take it easy for a while… and I don’t think that I could stand that.


--Bottle of Jack--

So what do you think, Carter?" A deep but childish voice asked from beside me. My thought train was cut off by his question. I blinked aimlessly and shook my head slightly before looking at the blue eyed boy who sat beside me with a small glass of Jack Daniel's. I furrowed my eyebrows curiously and smiled stupidly.

"Sorry, what was the question again?" I asked curiously. The five men looked at me as we sat around the table in the bar with drinks. Matt, the bulkiest guy looked at me with a curious gaze and crackled lively.

"Carter, are you feeling alright?" He asked curiously. I wasn't sure if I was okay. I should be okay, I've had a good day. I woke up on the floor next to my flat mate, Jimbo. We spent the night watching horror movies and we must've fell asleep. I woke him up and made breakfast which was chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes. I had a shower and then we spent most of the day in the studio before the guys' girlfriends and wives came over. They were all lovey dovey with each other. Including Jimmy and Leana, they were especially lovey dovey with each other. I sat in the corner by myself and watched them be happy with one and other. I blinked and shook my head in response to Matt's question.

"I'm fine," I lied.

"Still heartbroken about Kieran?" Zack asked the question that made me steaming inside. I was not heartbroken about that. He dumped me, so what? It's not like we spent 3 years together before he left me for some blonde haired bimbo. I felt my heart jerk inside my chest as I shook my head again, lying to them all.

"I know what you need." Brian said shooting back his drink. I looked at the tipsy man with a curious and intent expression. He smirked his famous sinful grin at me. He poured some more Jack into my glass with a grin.

"I need to have some more shots?" I asked curiously. He chuckled and shook his head with a sinister smirk.

"You need to get laid." He stated making my cheeks go bright red. The guys laughed as I sank into my seat embarrassed.

After we had a couple more bottles of Jack and some vodka and a few beers, it was time to go home. Since Jimmy and I's apartment is a couple blocks away we decided to walk. Jimmy and I skipped and danced and sang our way home. We didn't know what we were singing or how idiotic we looked dancing. And honestly we didn't care. Jimmy clumsily unlocked the flat door and we both stumbled in.

I threw myself onto the couch, my body quaked under the softness. My entire body sank into the sofa. I tossed off my shoes and jacket, leaving my black leather vest and leather pants exposed. My vest showed off my stomach and lots of cleavage. Jimmy reappeared from the kitchen with two beer bottles. He smiled as he collapsed beside me and handed me a bottle. I sighed and opened the bottle, taking a long swig of the drink. Jimmy remained silent as he sat there looking at me with blood shot blue eyes. I smiled meaninglessly at him.

"I know you're not over Kieran." He spoke smoothly. I frowned and stared at the bottle.

"I am, I'm just,"

"-Lonely." He filled in the blank. I swallowed hard and nodded sadly. I felt his large hand lay on mine lazily. I looked over at him and nodded again.

"And when I saw everybody had somebody, I got even more lonely." I added softly. Jimmy frowned and sat up on the couch, he looked down into the bottle sadly.

"Not everybody has somebody." He said before chugging the drink back like no tomorrow. I furrowed my eyebrows at him and sat up right, swinging my legs over the edge of the couch. I sat directly beside him with a confused expression.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked. He looked at me with those solid blue eyes and frowned. The pain in his eyes let me know he was hurt and wounded badly. His pain made my heart ache slightly. The seriousness on his face made me feel horrible.

"Leana ended it this afternoon." He announced with a cracking voice. I felt my entire world drop to my feet and shattered into billions of unfixable pieces. I know I was jealous of what they had because ever since we were kids I've had a crush on Jimmy but seeing how much he loved her and seeing how hurt he is now, I'd rather be jealous for the rest of my life than see my friend go through this. I frowned and put my hand on his back, swaying my palm on his spine and the back of his ribs.

"I'm sorry, here I am sulking over a guy who'd beat me,"

"Wait! He beat you?" Jimmy exclaimed as his entire body jumped to face me. I frowned and nodded, feeling bad for telling him that I'm still in love with a woman beater. Jimmy's large palm cupped the side of my face as he stared deep into my eyes. I winced slightly as his fingers tapped a fresh bruise that was hidden under a pile of makeup. His hand recoiled from my face and went to the tissues that sat on the coffee table. He licked the white tissue and wiped my face with it, removing the makeup that covered the bruises. He fell back in awe as his eyes were glued to the purple, blueish yellow splotch that was painted onto my cheek. I sat there ashamed of myself for being so stupid. I loathed in my self pity before I felt a set of large hands consume either side of my face and a set of soft welcoming lips pressed against mine softly. I was taken back by this but soon I pressed my lips back to his. I rested my hands on either side of his face. He pulled away, rising to his feet. He picked me up bridal style, crashing my lips back to his. He carried me to his room, he had a bigger bed since he got lucky like every night. His room was your typical twenty-one year old's bedroom. He put me down on the bed and crawled on top of me. He pulled away with a devilish smirk and stared down at me with eyes full of desire and lust.

"We're doing things my way." He told me before throwing himself off of me. His hands found the button and zipper on my pants, he tore them off of me, dragging my panties along with them. My heart raced as I stared at him with wide eyes. He leaped back onto me. He sat between my knees as his fiery blue eyes were full of lust and desire. The corner of his mouth curled into a devilish smile.

"You were his bitch for three years, you're gonna be my bitch for tonight." He growled at me in a lustful moan. I felt my entire body catch fire as his hands roughly ran up my body from my inner thighs to my breasts. His hands found the top of my vest, his long fingers curled around the fabric and tore it open, leaving my entire body exposed to his line of sight. His hands then tightly gripped my wrists making me wince in fear. He pulled them up to the head board there where were two leather binding ropes. He tied my wrists to the head board muttering dirty and sadistic things to me, calling me names and saying I deserved to be punished. He pulled his hips up to meet mine, his already hard penis didn't waste anytime with entering me, he buried himself deep inside me, not letting me have the time to adjust to his enormous member. I cried his name loudly making him pull from me then thrust himself deep inside me. Each time he made me cry and scream. I've never had someone as big and determined as him.

"You let him punish you, you don't know punishment." He spat angrily. "-Punishment is having to hear him fuck you every night."

"Punishment is having to lay on the other side of the wall listening to him fuck you hard and you screaming his name." "-But tonight you're gonna be screaming my name." He growled at me as he pounded into me like there was nothing to it. I looked up at him with angered eyes and clenched teeth.

"Now you know how I felt every night you fucked that little skank. Hearing her scream your name like you're some sort of God. She was obviously faking it because you're not a very convincing God." I antagonized him, letting the words roll off of my tongue. His lustful desire turned into lustful anger. He untied my hands and flipping me over onto my front. His hands tightly gripped my hips, pulling them up to meet his. He buried himself into me deeply making me scream again. I felt his hand ride down to the front of me, his finger rubbed my clit roughly making me breath heavily as I threw my head down between my shoulders. I lifted my head back up again and laughed.

"Still not convinced." I spat at him wanting him to fuck me harder. And he did so. He threw himself into each thrust. I could feel every inch of him deep inside of me.

"Oh my God!" I screamed loudly. I heard him chuckle at my cries.

"That's right baby, scream my name." He said as he fucked me deep and hard making my walls tighten around him. I felt him push himself further into me as I hit my climax. I felt him ejaculate inside of me making me get off even more. As soon as the orgasm passed he pulled out of me and flopped down onto the bed beside me. I panted heavily and smiled at him.

"We should totally do this again some time." I said before I got up and went to my room, leaving him alone in a teasing way.




He lies on the bed behind me, and i ignore him, trying hard to concentrate on my laptop screen, even though i’m just wasting time, to toy with him.

"just one. little. kiss?" he asks quietly, like a little boy.

my heart groans and i get up out of the chair. i go to the bed, where he is sprawled out, in his white v neck t shirt, dark fitted jeans and leather belt.

i hover over him, and look coyly at him.


"No?" his eyebrows rise, his eyes widening sadly.

"No," i look away, letting my hair cover my face, concealing my naughty smile as i play with him.

"Not even here?" his small voice pleads, and i feel something softly touch the ends of my hair.

"or here?" he whispers, and i feel his breath at my throat. i shiver as his lips gently brush against the skin there.

"or here?" his lips ghost a line from my throat up to just behind my ear, and he presses a small kiss there. i swallow.

"or here, perhaps.." he murmurs, his lips moving to my jaw, trailing butterfly kisses along it.

I involuntarily moan.

His lips slowly edge towards the corner of mouth, the soft little bristles of his stubble stroking next to my skin. He smells glorious.

"Here, then…," he presses a tender kiss to the corner of my mouth and i gasp. He giggles, the tip of his nose shaking next to my cheek, "Yes," he says in a low growl, "here…,"

He kisses me fully on the mouth, his large warm palms pressing my shoulders to pull him closer to him. I drink him in, as we angle our faces this way and that, kissing different parts of each-others mouths - the corners, just the bottom lip, then just the top, brushing our lips sideways against each-others, and then I pull back.

"Just a kiss, remember," I pant, trying to chastise him but not sounding too resolved at all.

"Mmm," he growls, looking up at me with playful blue eyes, holding me still above him.

"If you only want one kiss, then why were your hips pulsing into me?" he growls in a low voice, so seductive it could charm the pants off a nun. A hand trails down to squeeze at my right hip. He raises an eyebrow, the arrogant sod, and begins pushing his crotch into mine, his long length moving under me, surprising me, and with my defenses down he nudges me gently so I am lying limply on top of him.

"You’re thinking about it, aren’t you," he murmurs quietly at my ear. I let my fingers trail through his curls, and nuzzle my cheek against his

Must focus on deadline. Must not spend this evening in bed. Must get back to laptop. Come on girl, focus

I swiftly sit up, raising my groin up away from his undulating hips, and tap into my bad-ass self.

"I know how badly you want it," I let my hand trail down along his lean torso, smirking to myself as his sexy-self melts into shock and vulnerability.

I let my face lean down close to his and bat my lashes, then raise an eyebrow. “So hard, writhing under me,” I let the heel of my hand rest on his still moving member, and push against it lightly. He bites his lip and nods at me.

"Such a naughty boy for teasing me when I have to work," I let my hand wonder back up along his torso, my palm gliding across his t shirt, then I tuck all my hair over to one side, exposing my neck. I know it’s his weak spot.

I’m feeling all Jessica Rabbit right now. Go me.

I put my weight onto my knees either side of his legs, and let my legs bend at the knee, bouncing my calves towards my butt then back into the air coquettishly.

He looks stunned, his eyes locked on me.

"So, Sir," I dip my head, and with my fingertip trail X’s along the top of his chest peeking out of his t shirt. "You will just have to wait."

I look up and see him panting, his eyes burning, and he begins to raise a hand to my hair. But I pull away and swiftly get up from the bed, turn, and plonk myself unceremoniously back into my desk chair, shaking my hair a little.

Shaking my mane a little. Take that, mister sexypants.

I pretend to focus on my effing word document. Pretend, because I can’t stop thinking about the electric charge that connects me to him, right now, even though he’s behind me on the bed and we’re not touching. Iknow he’s watching me. Thinking of what to do next. He likes to play. He won’t leave it here. So it’s just a waiting game.

I slightly shift in my chair, angling my legs to the side where he can see them, and cross them slowly, trying my best to look sexy. I then stretch, raising my arms up as long as I can, and as I bring my arms back down I lazily ruffle my hair.

I hear a small rustling sound coming from the bed behind me. But I keep a poker face, resolutely looking at my laptop screen, my fingers resting on the keyboard with the intention of trying to write something useful, but failing.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot movement down by my right hip. Fingertips, about to touch the edge of my shorts.

"I can see you," I say quietly, and his fingers frieze.

"You’d make a terrible ninja," I muse, and wait with baited breath.

His fingers back away out of my peripheral view, and I can almost hear him breathing behind me.

All is silent. I tense a little, then get back to my ‘writing’, my senses on high alert anticipating what he may do next.

I hum to myself, and open my web browser. Maybe facebook can distract me…

I hear his body shifting behind me, then a strong arm snakes its way around my waist, holding me tightly against the back of the chair.

"Maybe I would make a better pirate," he whispers at my ear, and his other arm winds its way around me, his fingers tugging slightly at the top of my shorts, exposing the top of my panties underneath.

I’m wearing satin ones with a small bow at the front - not because I anticipated any of this to happen, but it was getting closer to laundry day and all I had left were my ‘special knicker collection.’

He gently tugs at the small bow. “So delicate, so pretty… just for me…,” he murmurs, his breathing ragged at my ear.

I swallow. Come on, Jessica-Rabbit-me. Don’t let him win this teasing contest! Get it together, girl

I uncross my legs, and as I do so, his hand moves to the top of my thigh, stroking his thumb across my skin, occasionally sliding it under the bottom of my shorts, close to the edge of my panties.

"They’re not for you," I drawl, and slide my hands down his forearms to cover his hands with mine. I quickly pull his hands away. "I wear them because they turn me on."

He whimpers slightly and nuzzles his nose against the back of my ear.

Heh heh…

"The satin is so soft…," I turn my head a little so my voice is close to him. "I love how it glides over me, back and forth, as I move, making me wet." I drag out the last word and he groans.

Inwardly, I’m laughing my pants off (not literally). These M&S bad boys have cotton lining, and have never contributed to me, er, getting wet.

His breath hitches, and his arms wind themselves around me again, a hand reaching down towards my crotch.

"Uh, uh, uh," I shake my head, and this time wrap my hand around his wrist to stop him. His fingers roll and flicker like pianist's fingers.

"Imagine my fingers stroking you through the soft fabric," he breathes against my neck, and I relax my hold on his wrist. His fingers still elongate, and contract, and writhe in front of me.

"One finger, perhaps… just circling at the top," he kisses the base of my neck, his soft hair brushing against my throat. "Then a second finger to join it, meandering across your clitoris," he whispers, and my body almost collapses on the chair, my bad gal resistance fading fast.

"Then a third, trembling at your entrance…," his fingers still wriggle and writhe, and I can’t stop looking at them. Oh god.

"Perhaps a fourth to join them, my little finger, teasing beyond…"

My breath is laboured, my shoulders slumped, hips rocking. No! no, I can’t give in, I want him to be the one writhing and begging for release.

Dastardly scoundrel.

Remember, you can bring him to his knees. Just throw his seduction back at him.

I sit up a little and wrap my leg round the side of the chair, managing to slide the side of my foot up and down against his thigh as he kneels behind me.

"Yes….," he rumbles, and I arch my back, thrusting my breasts out and upwards. Get an eyeful of that, mister

"And while your long fingers are so artfully caressing between my legs..," I tilt my head back, allowing him an even better view of my writhing body, "your other hand can play at my hard nipples, making them peak between your fingers."

He groans, the sound vibrating down my shoulder where his head is resting, through the side of my body. His arms wrap around me, one across my waist, the other just above my breasts, caging me.

"Please…," he begs, his lips trailing up and down the side of my neck. "Please…,"

"I don’t want to make a mess."

"I won’t make a mess," he nips at my skin gently with the edge of his teeth. "I will clean up afterwards," he laps at my throat with his soft tongue. "Every. Last. Drop."

I begin to move, his arms releasing as I start to stand up and turn around to see him on his knees behind the now-empty chair. His chest rises and falls with his heavy breath, and his eyes bore into mine, pleading. I stroke under his chin, my fingertip petting his soft hairs there. He dips his head, his lips kissing at my finger, murmuring his pleas again.

"Come on," I whisper, and his head whips up to look at me, watching gratefully as I head towards the bed. He crawls after me, and grabs my hips in his strong hands from behind just before I reach the bed. I squeak in surprise, and feel his lips and teeth nudging near the small of my back, trying to prize down my shorts.

I manage to clamber onto the bed, his grip slipping from me, and I giggle to myself. I love playing with him.

He crawls onto the bed next to me, on all fours, and growls. I stroke his head, to soothe him. “Good boy,” I whisper, and he sniffs.

He nuzzles his head closer to me, into the crook of my neck, lapping at the hollow of my throat with his tongue softly. I moan loudly.

He raises his face to look in my eyes. “Would you like me to dominate you?” He breathes, tilting his face a little as he strokes the side of my nose with his. “Or would you like me to spread out naked before you, arms above my head, your toy?”


He pulls his head back a little, eyes defiant, looking at me from under his brow. “I will top you from below anyway.”

I smirk, feeling naughty. “I’d like to see you try.”

He raises an eyebrow, and smiles devilishly at me. “Oh, don’t challenge me, my pet,” he inches towards me, his face moving towards my ear. “I will always be the one to make you beg for release.”

I close my eyes briefly, whimpering at his words, then lean back onto my heels. Go on then, ‘master’, challenge accepted.

And now we’re in battle mode. And this is when I have to focus. This is when I cannot let my resolve waver. This is when I have to be THE sexy. I want him wrapped around me, chanting my name to the heavens while he cums. If he has me all putty in his hands, well that just won’t do.

I throw my head back, letting my hair cascade further down my back, exposing my throat, and begin to pull my vest off.

Frankly I needn’t have bothered even trying to do some sort of sexy strip as he wasn’t paying attention.

And I know that because after I’d slowly peeled my vest over my head and was about to smoulder while I unclasp my black lace bra, my eyes lock on his sculpted abs and chest, now shirtless, as he lies relaxed on the bed next to me. One hand is half way down the front of his trousers, whilst the other fiddles with his belt buckle.

His eyes bulge a little at me, as if to say, ‘well? don’t let me stop you…’

I lock my eyes on his, a little less sure of myself this time, and let my fingers skim my bra straps, bringing them down my shoulders.

He shifts, sitting up a little, his abs contracting as he begins to loosen his belt. The muscles in his arms flex as he moves, and I practically can’t look away.

He’s distracting me from my sexy strip. How dare he!

I snap my attention away, and instead look down at my bra. I reach my arms behind me to unhook the fasteners, fidgeting for a moment to get the damn things open, then sweetly lower the bra down from my breasts to my lap, rocking a little bit on my knees.Yeah I’m Bettie Page, eat that.

Expecting to catch his boyish eyes roving cheekily across my newly exposed breasts, I toss my hair to one side and raise my eyes to meet his.

Oh… fu… fudge.

He is naked. Ridiculously, completely, utterly naked. A swathe of smooth toned skin softly resting on top of the duvet. Fully erect, he raises his arms above his head to trail his fingers along the headboard, stretching his torso to let me see every muscle move. He looks at me innocently.

"Mask me," he suggests, his tongue darting deliciously between his teeth.Oh…. ffff….fishfingers.

"All in good time." Atta girl! Make him wait!

I tilt my head to the side, eyeing him through my lashes, and begin edging my shorts down. I slide them halfway over my butt then I have to kneel up or get up…

So I slide myself towards the edge of the bed, til my legs can dangle off, and I shuffle my shorts and panties down together in one fail swoop, my back to him. I hurriedly yank my socks off, then turn my naked self as sexily as I can over onto my stomach to crawl across the bed to him.

Oh …you!!!

While I was divesting myself, he must have reached under the bed to grab the black eye mask and put it on. It was a simple black eye mask he had worn once to a friends masked ball (and had since worn a few times in bed…). It brought out the blue of his eyes, and made me think of Zorro, or an outlaw, or some kind of mysterious lover. He knew what it did to me, the cad. How could I maintain my sexual high ground now?!

Masked, arms still up, body long and lean covering my bed, his long length lying still, I knelt at the edge of the bed not knowing where to start. What to do. Where to look. What to say. I can’t out-sexy that.

He whispers my name, snapping my eyes up to his masked face, and he runs the tip of his tongue along his top lip incredibly slowly. “Come here.”

I crawl over, peeking at him, not yet touching him.

His eyes never leave mine, and he shifts a little, pulling his arms up and back a little more, his arm muscles tensing.

"My tongue is restless," he says darkly. "He wants to stretch, and strain, and move, and explore."

"Does he, now…?" I smirk, and bend down so my face is close to his, watching my handsome masked man gaze up at me.

He nods his head slowly, and his tongue begins to smoothly extend from between his lips, then sinks back inside his mouth.

I grin, and let my fingers hold his chin lightly. “Again,” I mouth.

And again his tongue pushes out from between his slim lips, up into the air, and I gently stroke it with my thumb, my skin sliding against its slippery surface. It wriggles against me, then slides slowly back into his mouth.

"He likes you very much," he whispers, blue eyes peeking at me through the mask. "He wants to taste you."

I know exactly what he means, but I’m playing hard to get.

"He has tasted me. He just tasted my thumb. Did he not like it?" I blink innocently, and bring my thumb to my mouth, running it across my lips. "I think it tastes heavenly."

He hums and lets his head roll towards his flexed bicep, nuzzling his nose against it. “If your thumb tastes so well, he can only imagine what your cum tastes like.” He looks at me, challenging me.

I breathe, and can’t think of a snappy comeback. Damn.

"Straddle me," he whispers, and my body automatically moves to his command. I begin to move so I can straddle his waist, but he stops me with a low "no".

"Bring your lips to me."

I blink. Does he mean a kiss or….?

He lifts his head a little, his gaze wandering from my eyes down to my breasts down to my waist, then back up again. “Me and my tongue want to taste you. I want to feel your thighs warming the sides of my cheeks as my tongue reaches inside of you.”

My left leg starts to tremble. Stop it!

I begin to move up his body, edging my knees either side of his head, shins resting on his upper arms. I keep my crotch over his throat, not close enough for him to touch.

I cock my head to one side, challenging mister hot stuff at his own game, and reach down to draw a finger inside of me. Eeek I’m wet! I pump up and down a little, and start to turn myself on as he groans while he watches me. I then release my finger and draw it up to his lips.

"Taste, then," I dare, and his tongue flickers up and out, darting over my skin hungrily, his eyes watching me so, so darkly, I’m half expecting him to lower his arms and pounce at me. I feel my core clench.

His tongue smooths against the length of my finger, lengthening from my fingertip all the way down to my knuckle. I squirm, and his tongue retreats.

"More," he whispers. I bite my lip and shake my head coyly. The corner of his mouth twitches up. He’s trying to suppress a smile.

"Do you know how far I can reach my tongue inside of you?"

I let my hands fall to his arms and hold onto them to stop myself from keeling over and hitting my head on the wall.

He continues. “Perhaps an inch inside of your entrance? Or a little further? Do you think I could reach your g spot?” He lowers his face, smirking, and looks up at me through his lashes. “Do you think my tongue could push and push and push until you come?”

I breathe slowly, trying to recover my breath. I feel a bit feint. I let my eyes close briefly.

"Perhaps your tongue is not so long," I blurt, trying to calm myself down and discharge some of this sexual tension goddammit…

He tilts his head to the side, his lips partly slightly, musing. “Interesting…,” he murmurs in a low voice. “If it is not so long then you will receive very little pleasure from sitting on my mouth.”

My body tenses.

"Come here," he whispers, almost crooning. "Bring yourself to me."

Every fibre of my physical being responds to his words, and I find myself above his face, my crotch inches from his mouth, feeling his warm breath in waves over my sensitive exposed skin.

"Lower yourself onto me," he breathes, and it takes a lot of strength to not just collapse onto him.

Still holding onto the top of his arms for support, I start to lower my waist down, and soon feel the tip of his tongue poke softly between my folds, flickering up to tease at my clit. I whimper.

"Lower," he whispers, and again I carefully inch myself down, his tongue moving more rapidly across me, briefly lapping across my entrance.

"When I enter you, ride me. Do you understand?" He growls against my entrance, and I almost shriek.

My thighs part a little further and I sink onto his mouth, his tongue darting gently into me, merely a half inch inside. I moan, and start rocking a little back and forth onto him, looking down at him. His nose is nestled into the top of my folds, and his masked eyes gaze up at me, heated and endless.

I let my head fall back a little, gripping his arms more securely, and moan as his tongue begins to edge further into me, the tip dragging against my inner wall, exploring. My hips undulate, and I let myself look at him again. He raises an eyebrow, and I grin.

His tongue straightens a little, feeling firmer now as he reaches it inside me, and he nudges against my sensitive spongy patch. His nose slips against my clit above, and I start to pull up off his tongue, then slide back down onto it again, as he holds it firm and still for me to ride.

Just following orders.

I feel my orgasm building, but it’s not enough - not when I’ve seen how long his length is further down his body. I start to pull up away from him, but his hands suddenly clamp down on my hips to keep me locked to his mouth. He subtly shakes his head between my thighs to tell me no.

"But…," I pant, his tongue making circles against the skin inside me, "I want more, I want to feel you deeper, I want …,"

He is relentless, and thrusts his tongue quicker into me, pushing his jaw against me so he can reach further. His hands pull my waist to him, holding me tightly in place. Holy jesus, his tongue is so fast, flickering, never leaving my body completely, just pulsing inside of me, massaging my g spot.

Oh god I think I’m… I’m so close I’m..

He withdraws and guides me from his mouth with a little pressure from his hands, my crotch resting on the top of his chest.

"Wha…why…," I incoherently garble.

"Kiss me," he breathes, eyes sparkling, and his chin is glistening wet.

I shift down a little, on all fours over him, and dip my head to kiss him, first smelling then tasting myself on his lips. His warm tongue snakes between my lips to say his hello, playfully rolling next to mine in my mouth and flickering along the inside of my lips. I giggle.

I then feel something nudge between my lips. My eyes dart down, and he is holding his thick penis up to meet my crotch, his length easily spanning the distance between us. I gasp.

"How long do you think my tongue is?" He growls, and I drag my eyes away from his member back to his eyes, playful and seductive behind the mask.

Before I can answer, he continues. “How would you like to feel me three times as deep?” He brushes some hair out of my face, then settles his arm back over his head. He pushes his hips up and the tip of him fills my entrance. “Oh god,” I gasp.

The hand that was holding his penis to me moves to my back, to push my hips down, lowering me onto his length. I take in maybe an inch, my breath stilted as I accommodate his width.

He floats his other hand over his head and gazes at me, biting his lip. “Hold my hands.”

I sit up a little, which makes the tip of his penis inside me move and nudge a little further, and I reach over to clasp his hands by the headboard, our fingers interlocking.

"Look at me."

I gaze down at this strong, be-masked man and am met with a gaze full of intent. His tip pulses slightly inside of me, whilst his face and torso remain utterly still.

"Ride me," he whispers.

And I close my eyes as I sink down onto him, inch by inch, not quite believing that I could feel any fuller. I don’t yet shift up and down, or allow him to move in and out - I just simply lower very slowly, taking a little more of him in, until there is only but an inch of him left out side of me.

He exhales slowly, his lips parted slightly, hands pressing against mine. “Have you ever… had… a cervical orgasm?” he breathes in between pants.

"A… what…?," my brain can’t function.

"Have you ever… been taken so deep.. so gently… someone pressing against you… there…,"

My walls tighten around his length involuntarily as I think about his words, and I moan. I think perhaps once I have…

"Maybe…," I say quickly, "by myself, using a toy, I think maybe I did… but never with a man." I try to slide a little lower down onto him, stretching over him, feeling him deeply.

"Then let me be your first," he whispers hauntingly, and I arch my back, letting my hips drop lower, lower lower onto his full pliant penis.

I close my eyes, and all I feel is sensation. His hips move under me, and just as it feels like he is fully inside of me, he arches his hips up to push into me even deeper, his tip pushing deep within me, edging against my wall. He holds still there for a moment, and I lean back a little more, feeling his tip push more firmly against me. He holds it there, then starts to shift a little, his tip moving to one side, then slowly trailing across to the other side, still so deep within me.

"There," he whispers, "how does that feel?"

I open my eyes and momentarily want to hug him, pull him so close to me - his eyes are full of concern, full oflove.

I nod erratically, and garble a ‘yes’.

"Keep looking at me," he smiles gently, and winks. I exhale loudly, and gently begin to move up and down on him, not too far, keeping him deep within me, as our gaze stays locked on each-other.

"I’m going to make you come now," he whispers, and I clench around his length at his words, which makes me feel even more full. I groan.

"Hold still," he murmurs, and untangles his fingers from mine, bringing his hands to hold my hips firmly in place. He then moves within me, using his hips and arching his back to angle himself, and he floats a hand down to brush at my clitoris, a long index finger running in between my legs, coating himself in my cum.

I feel my orgasm build, warm energy deep inside me and the firey throbbing of my clit. “Oh god,” I garble, and my body bucks on top of him, trembling onto his hand, whilst his long, long penis holds deep within me, connecting with my orgasm, pressing into me.

My body shakes and soon deflates as I crumple on top of him, spent and emotional, cursing repeatedly.

He slides a little out of me, then slowly moves back inside, rhythmically pumping into me softly before coming while I am still high as a kite, my body limp above him.

My eyes are watery, and my brain is befuddled, and all I can smell is us, and all I can feel is him inside and around me. It’s all him.

He strokes the back of my head. “Are you okay?” he asks quietly. I merely pant.

"Can I stay inside you for a while?" he nuzzles his face next to mine, and tilts my face to look at him.

As my eyes meet his, those overwhelmed tears begin to fall.

"Hey," he whispers, stroking my cheek with his thumb. "Please, tell me, are you okay?"

I cling on to him, nodding stupidly, and rather ungracefully wipe my tears away with the back of my hand. “Yep,” I breathe loudly. “Just overwhelmed.”

"A good overwhelmed?" he smiles softly, and I giggle.

"Definitely," I rest my forehead against his, and hum.

"You came," he whispers.

"Yes, I did," I laugh quietly. "As did you."

"Mm-hmm," he growls. "It was the mask."

I grin, and take the mask off him.

Ah, my beautiful boy. I blush at the sight of him, flushed with a warm glow in his eyes.

I quickly put the mask on myself, momentarily feeling like Catwoman or Batgirl.

"Hmmm," he muses, stroking along the nose of the mask. "Suits you."

I smile sheepishly.

"Tomorrow," he states, with a small nod.


"Yes, tomorrow…," his fingers gently stroke along my cheek, and he leans in to whisper at my ear. "Sleep well now, my dear, for tomorrow it will be your turn to wear the mask…," he takes my earlobe between his teeth and tugs it lightly. I swallow.

"Sleep here, in my arms, with me inside of you, with the mask still on…," I feel him twitch inside of me. "Dream of what I can do to you when you awake…,"

I hug him tighter in my arms and squeal before passing out.



She walks down the darken halls of the bookstore arcade. Random men line the halls, Emma sees hands rustling in pockets. She feels their eyes on her body, tearing through the jean shorts and t-shirt. Pulling the high tube socks and hightop sneakers off of her.
She watches random men in corners.. as one leans against the wall another kneels sucking him off.
She passes opened doorway where half naked men fuck each other in the ass, moaning along with the porn on the televisions.
Men reach our as she walks by, feeling her tits through her shirt.
Reaching for her ass, she sees men stroking cocks of various sizes
Some huge and some just a few inches.. hairy and shaved.

One overweight black man reaches between her thighs and strokes her puffy mound.
Seemingly disappointed that she doesn’t have a cock.
That’s when she sees her father standing at the end of the hallway. His dick out, he strokes.. nodding his head in acknowledgement.
Emma goes over to her father, getting groped all the way down the hall.
When she reaches her father he whispers to her, “turn around. Pull down your shorts and bend over.”
Emma exposes her round ass to her father as the men watch. She jumps as he enters her, grabbing her hair.. pulling her head upward.
“Watch them as they watch me fuck you.”
Her father’s words humiliate her though she’s afraid to look away. His fat cock pounds up her slit, sloshing as she whimpers.. afraid to moan too loud.
One of the men walk over, pulling up her shirt to place his mouth on her right breast.
Flicking her nipple as he squeezes.
“Jerk him off, slut”
Daddy’s balls slap her clit as he pulls her backward onto his dick. Hard enough that her tits swing, it’s a struggle to maintain her grasp of the cock in her hand.
“Tell me to make you cum.”
He instructs his daughter as the man sucking her tits squirts his load upward.. some landing on the floor and some finding it’s way to Emma’s chin.
“Daddy, please fuck me harder. Make me cum on your huge dick. I want them to see me cum on your meat daddy.”
She pants faster, moaning.
“Ohhhhh ohhhhhh fuck!”
She feels the discharge between her thighs, gushing onto her daddy’s throbbing member.
The pounding gets faster until he pulls out, forcing her onto her knees only to shoot his seed onto her face.
Thick creamy strands coat her pretty face.
He makes her suck the tip of his cock clean before putting it away and leading her out to the car.
“Don’t clean your face off. The next bookstore is around the corner. Show everyone how you like to please your daddy, like a good little girl.”


--Random Shit--

My dark thoughts...... Silence Only tears As I press the blade Against my pale skin

Red The blood flows From the wounds Echoing my inner pain

Satisfaction As I feel the knife Slicing into me I only deserve pain

Anguish As I realize what I've done I feel accomplishment As I gaze at the marks upon my skin

Stares People are horrified Don't understand why Neither do I

Lord, where are You? If You really do exist, why don't You come out of hiding and do something about this creature in distress?

I am physically weary, I am mentally depressed, I am spiritually defeated. I can't eat, can't sleep. I am like garbage, discarded refuse in the back alley; like yesterday's newspaper shuffled around by the wind. I feel like some sort of zombi, some non-entity, some nothing that people, if they acknowledge, would only curse.

i often catch myself constantly wondering how you are, sitting alone with my mind set far, reminiscing about your smile, voice and touch...damn this life, i'm missing you too much i have heard from the phone company, the water company, and the electric company... but i haven't heard from you...too bad it's your company i missed the most!

i always think of the things i might have missed if we haven't met, but since time gave us the chance to meet, i'm now thinking how i'm gonna spend it so i won't miss you.

if i could write a million reasons to tell you why i miss you, i would. but i have limited space so i'd cut it short,"there's no other person in this world who makes me smile the way you do".

when you miss someone, your heart starts to shout that person's name...for some reason, my heart just won't stop shouting your name....i guess you're smart enough to figure out what i mean...

i'll wrap my arms around you and squeeze you until your eyes pop up and all your bones break and your face turns blue. that's my gigil hug when i'm missing you.

it's not the content of your messages that soothes me, it's not the jokes that makes me happy. but rather the thought of somehow, in your busy life, you still remember me.

If I disturb you, sorry. But I need to say.... I miss you...

I know that its not right to love you for loving you would mean a relationship torn into two, but what can I do my heart is with you that drives me to you and keep on missing you

I miss you so much that it comes to a point that I'm dying coz I can't see you, feel you, speak to you or touch you. But I'm happy coz the more I'm hurt missing you, the longer I fight to live because of you!

...oh yah, oh yah... If ever you wondered if you touched my soul yes you do Since I met you I'm not the same You bring life to everything I do Just the way you say hello With one touch I can't let go Never thought I'd fall in love with you... Because of you, my life has changed, thank you for the love and joy you bring Because of you, I feel no shame, I'll tell the world it's because of you Sometimes I get lonely and all I gotta do is think of you You captured something inside of me You make all of my dreams come true It's not enough that you love me for me You reached inside and touched me eternally I love you best explains how I feel for you.. The magic in your eyes True love I can't deny When you hold me I just lose control I want you to know that I'm never letting go You mean so much to me I want the world to see, It's because of you

Drowning...... I'm swimming all alone in a pool of darkness and I feel like darkness is slowly pulling me under I yell for help but no one is there to hear it I begin to see the water at eye level and I kick and flail fighting to stay above the darkness But the darkness won't let go of its hold on me and I slowly begin to give in to the feeling that lies below the water line the waters starts to fill my lungs the lungs that once held so much life yet now they allow the murky water to replace that I know that this path doesn't lead to happiness But why doesn't someone grab my hand pull me from darkness's grasp? because no one knows I stand at the boundary the boundary between light and dark so I give in to the thing that holds me All of the strength and all of the courage that I once held in my heart can't save me from the water So I slowly slip below the world of conscientiousness undetected by the occupants of that world I don't want to fight anymore I've given into darkness

Violence...... Harsh words & violent blows Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open, hands are fisted Deep inside I'm warped & twisted So many tricks & so many lies Too many whens & too many whys Nobody's special, nobody's gifted I'm just me, warped & twisted Sleeping awake & choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream Call my mind, the number's unlisted Lost in someone so warped & twisted On my knees, alive but dead Look at the invisible blood I've bled I'm not gone, my mind has drifted Don't expect much, I'm warped & twisted Burnt out, wasted, empty, & hollow Today's just yesterday's tomorrow The sun died out, the ashes sifted I'm still here, warped & twisted

A random thought I've written..... i often catch myself constantly wondering how you are, sitting alone with my mind set far, reminiscing about your smile, voice and touch...damn this life, i'm missing you too much i have heard from the phone company, the water company, and the electric company...but i haven't heard from you...too bad it's your company i missed the most! i always think of the things i might have missed if we haven't met, but since time gave us the chance to meet, i'm now thinking how i'm gonna spend it so i won't miss you. if i could write a million reasons to tell you why i miss you, i would. but i have limited space so i'd cut it short,"there's no other person in this world who makes me smile the way you do". when you miss someone, your heart starts to shout that person's name... for some reason, my heart just won't stop shouting your name....i guess you're smart enough to figure out what i mean... i'll wrap my arms around you and squeeze you tight and gently suckle at the nape of your neck.... that's my gigil hug when i'm missing you. it's not the content of your messages that soothes me, it's not the jokes that makes me happy. but rather the thought of somehow, in your busy life, you still remember me. If I disturb you, sorry. But I need to say.... I miss you... I know that its not right to love you for loving you would mean another relationship torn into two, but what can I do my heart is with you that drives me to you and keep on missing you I miss you so much that it comes to a point that I'm dying coz I can't see you, feel you, speak to you or touch you. But I'm happy coz the more I'm hurt missing you, the longer I fight to live because of you!

If ever you wondered if you touched my soul yes you do Since I met you I'm not the same You bring life to everything I do Just the way you say hello With one touch I can't let go Never thought I'd fall for someone befor you... Because of you, my life has changed, thank you for the warmth and joy you bring Because of you, I feel no shame, I'll tell the world it's because of you Sometimes I get lonely and all I gotta do is think of you You captured something inside of me You make all of my dreams come true It's not enough that you enjoy me for me You reached inside and touched me eternally you facinate me best explains how I feel for you.. The magic in your eyes True love I can't deny When you hold me I just lose control I want you to know that I dont want to let go You mean so much to me I want the world to see, It's because of you

Hair like a thousand strands of silk warmed by the sun... Eyes like liquid pools of serenety and calmness... Lips like petals blossomed on a newly birthed rose after a summer rain... The sound of her voice as she speaks my name like the voices of a thousand angels singing just for me... Her perfume like the fragrence of lilly and jasmine in a field of Ireland after a fresh morning dew riding on a gentle breeze... If I had 1 wish it would go as follows: I wish I were the man to fly her to Paris if she craved french toast for breakfast... The man to fly her to Italy if she craved pasgetti and meatballs for lunch... The man to fly her to the darkest hills of China if she craved a taste of the exotic for dinner... The man to fly her to deep within Germany if she craved the richest deserts in wich to follow her meal...

That would be my 1 wish... As you can see these are just a few ways in wich she fascinates me... For every breath she draws into herself is one breath in wich she takes from me... To see her smile just once is to witness the Arora Borrialis for the first time... Edit | Delete | Add Comment | 1 Comments

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 09:38 AM AMBROSIA....... A....always having an adrenoline rush and a smile to greet and start your day to set the pace for the rest of the days events to follow suit with prosperity. M....meeting each challenge in life with hope and strength in the belief that as long as you are hand in hand, you and your loved one will survive and surpass each challenge with fortitude. B....begining a new life as "one" through the emotional as well as physical bonds in wich you and a loved one share together unhindered and unmatched by any other. R....realizing that the one thing you've searched your whole life for is actually right in front of you. O....overcomming what seem impossible odds to be with the one you love only to find that that they are not actually impossible but only little obsticles easily hurdled together. S....seeing the futur unfold befor your very eyes with each kiss and having the courage to face that futur head on with persiveirence. I....instantanious euphoria at the meer sound of their voice as they harmoniously giggle and wisper your name in the silence of the night. A....always having someone to share triumphs, losses, acheivements, failures, new experiences and new memories with as well without the fear of judgement or persicution.

That is the one true deffinition of AMBROSIA.....


--Wolf Lust--

Recently I got bored around my apartment after moving out of my parents house at 20. So I looked around the internet to find a nice place to work at for a while. After a few days I found a wild life exhibit to help clean the animal cages and feed them. I figured hell, why not?

The time I got on the phone I was asked the normal questions of getting hired for any other job. But though it all went my way and I was accepted. I was told to come in first thing at 8 o'clock to see what needs to be done each day.

The night passed and I woke up early to take a shower. Thoughts came through my mind of the sexy female wolfs that live there. I’ve always had a thing for animals, though I never had the chance with anything. As I stand in the shower I was getting hard the more I thought about a nice grey wolf in front of me with her pussy all wet. I couldn’t wait.

Eventually my boner went away as the hours passed on and left my house for the new job. As entering the exhibit I was greeted by the man who I spoke though on the phone. “So you’re Alex?” he asked. I look around and reply “Yes, I’m Alex. The one who called yesterday to clean animal cages and whatever needs to be done.”
He started to walk into the backroom. “Follow me to the cages, I’ll show you what needs to be done.” I followed him, I was nervous with it being my first real job. A part from picking up leafs of the lawn for a dollar an hour.

As we walk passed each of the maintenance doors we came onto the cages. He turned around “This is where all the cages are. Their are more cages in the back area for snakes. But that’s not your job. Your job is to clean all the droppings left by the animals with fur, such as this coyote.” He points at the coyote cage and I look inside. I find one male coyote with his dick almost half way out of his sheath. I stared at it for some time. I never had been gay for any guys in my life. It goes pass my mind sometimes, hanging out with one gay kid in my middle school classes. But we never tried anything. I was side tracked for a bit to long. “Alex. We need to keep going, no petting the animals off work hours. You’re not hired yet.” I replied “Alright.”

As going on we finally reach the wolves cage. The one I’m most excited to see. Though it’s not what I took the job for, any female human would be fine to me, but a wolf… “This is the wolf cage, you need to be careful around these guys. They don’t take kindly to any new meat in their territory. So, lets try to get you antiquated with them?” I look at the wolves, more scared then I thought. Me having sex with a wolf isn’t worth my life.

“Okay Alex, I’ll see how you do the first day. For now I’m going to a meeting, I’ll be back in an hour. The wolves need to be cleaned up a bit. The cave there is a bit full of crap. No joke intended. Now get going.” I looked at him “Yes sir.” He closes the door behind me leaving it unlocked. This could be my chance.

I thought to myself that a job can be done after sex. I walk into the fake cave and set the cleaning supplies next to the entrance. I look around and find 3 wolves staring at me. I see the female between the two males. I walk slowly and one of the males growl at me. I step back and he steps closer. I didn’t know what to do, so I knell down. Maybe accepting my stupidity. But he just walks pass me leaving the cave. As the other male wolf walks into a corner and sleeps. The female wolf looks at me, with such a surprised look. Though it was hard to tell.

I walk up to the female wolf, as my dick got hard the female wolf stood up. I kneel-ed in front of her and she turned around. I was really surprised to see that she actually knows what I’m going to do? But I was to hard to care, so I unzipped my pants and stroked my 9 inches. I got closer to the wolf until I was pushed onto my hands. I tried to get back on my feet until I felt paws push me onto my stomach. I turned my head and the larger male wolf has his dick already close up to my ass. I was scared and tried to get him off but he was surprisingly very heavy and couldn’t get him off.

He moved his dick closed to my ass and I was whining for the wolf to stop hoping he would. But being the animal he was. He didn’t care for a human. He pushed his cock deep into me till it reached his knot. I screamed and laid my head on the ground as he just had me pinned down with him deep inside me. I couldn’t believe what is happening, a male wolf has me pinned down and his dog cock forced into me. But, for some reason. I was still hard, if not more then I was behind the female wolf.

The wolf started to slide his member in and out of me. I wasn’t having the most fun, since a wolf took my virginity. It wasn’t my dick that was used from someone else. It was my ass, and this wasn’t what I wanted. But either way through my whining the wolf was going faster each second, pumping me like a new mut to his pack showing who’s dominant. The other two wolves watched as the large male wolf was attacking my anus. I was actually leaking out pre-cum as he was going harder. I even started to moan.

It hasn’t been long until he started to cum. Filling me with his seed and I actually loved it. He let go of my arms. I thought he was done but I was wrong. He pushed his large knot into me with a lot of force. Making me scream from the sudden penetration.

The other male wolf started walking up to my face, half hard. He sat infront of me with the other wolf not moving as his knot was still in me. The wolf in front of me sat down, his cock right by my mouth. Was I really going to be a wolfs bitch? But, in all honesty. I was loving what was happening so I gave his cock a lick and before I could get to a second lick his cock grows hard and finds itself inside my mouth. The wolf behind me started to thrust and made me suck the wolfs dick.

I couldn’t bare the rough treatment some animals were giving me. I wanted to cum, but on my stomach my dick was bent away from me. It hurt but I was to bust on other dicks to care about my own. The wolf behind me was moving faster and I was eventually taking the wolfs dick to his knot in my mouth. His knot was against my nose, I was getting off by the sent.

The wolf started to cum into my mouth. Thank fully he wasn’t making his knot go into my mouth, and was smaller then the larger wolf. I started to drink what the wolf was giving me. He kept his cock in my mouth as the other wolf forcefully pulled his cock out, making me gasp as his knot almost felt like it took my ass with him. The wolf in front of me took his cock out of my mouth and I coughed.

“Fuck…” I said as I rolled over onto my back. I was breathing loudly and my dick was way to hard to walk out without the manager seeing it. But I was too weak to really move my arms, I stare at the other wolfs and they just sit there. Both wolves still leaking some cum and the female wolf just giving a blank look.

I stand up, though it was making me dizzy. I was stumbling back out the cave while pulling my pants up. I looked back at the cave with the wolves still siting where I last saw them. I picked up my cleaning supplies and looked around, it seemed clean as it is. So I grabbed the food bag next to the door and gave each wolfs bowl some food. I set the bag down and before I was going to fall to my knees again the manager walks in. “Well Alex, I thought you would be out of their sooner and in the bunny cage by now.” I looked at him trying to keep a straight face. “Sorry sir, I was side tracked.” He looked more or less disappointed. “Well it’s your first day. I didn’t expect you to finish a few hours work in an hour. Come back tomorrow..”
I reply to him. “Yes sir.”

It seems I got my job, and somewhat filled my dream. Well. The wolfs filled more then my dream. I couldn’t wait for some more dog cocks. The coyotes seemed to want attention too.