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Sniper Masiello

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4-1-1 On Me


Here is where you'll find out the "whos, whats, wheres, whens, whys," and evrything else happening in my life.....My ups and downs, wins and losses, and anything else I feel like telling you about....



Yahoo Messanger:

Hair: Dirty Blonde but i shave my head

Eyes: Hazel but depends on my moods

Height: 5' 7" (170cm)

Weight: 140 pounds (63.0 kg)

Body Style: Average/Medium Build

Activity Level: Active

Smoking: Trying to quit for the right person

Drinking: Socially

Marital Status: Very COMPLICATED

Children: I have 4 Children.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Languages I speak: English

Ethnicity: italian/irish

Religion: Catholic

Grew up in: rhode island

Education: Some College

Education Emphasis: video game design/ medical and vetrinarian

Politics: Unspecified

Occupation: Construction/Agriculture/Landscaping

Annual Income: $15,000 - $35,000

Relocate: Yes for the right person

Occupation Description: rebuilding houses and roady for rock concerts

Seeking: A Date, Friend, A long-term relationship, Intimacy/Physical, Email/Chat

Headline: Looking for my FALLEN ANGEL


My personality traits: Adventurous/Wild/Spontaneous, Easygoing/Flexible/Open-Minded, Flirtatious/Playful, Friendly/Kind, Humorous/Witty, Intellectual, Low Maintenance, Sensitive/Nurturing/Loving, Outgoing, Romantic, Serious/Responsible, Talkative, Unconventional/Free-Spirited

My favorite activities: Camping, Cooking/Barbecuing, Hanging Out with Friends, Intimate Conversations, Listening to/Playing Music, Painting/Drawing, Pool/Billiards/Darts, Surfing the Web/Chatting Online, Taking Long Walks, Video Games/Online Games, Movies/TV


My favorite cuisines: Barbecue, Chinese/Dim Sum, Fast Food/Pizza, Italian, Seafood, Thai

My favorite music: Alternative, Blues, Dance/Electronica, Rap/Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul/R&B, Instrumental, Soundtracks, Other

I like to read: Fiction, Non-Fiction

I like going out to: Amusement Parks, In Bars/In Nightclubs, Beach, Coffee Houses, Comedy Clubs, Concerts, Movies, Parks, Raves/Underground Parties, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Skate/Bike Parks, Sporting Events

My favorite physical activities: Baseball/Softball, Biking, Hiking/Walking, Horseback Riding, Hunting/Fishing, Martial Arts, Surfing/Snowboarding/Skateboarding, Swimming/Diving/Water Polo, Volleyball

My perception of an ideal relationship: someone who likes me for the way i am and doesnt try to be something they are not . some one who is respectful and at the same time strong and confident .

What I've learned from my past relationships: not to change who i am just to plaese everybody . not to be soft when it comes to letting people walk all over me and not to let people judge me befor they get to know me .</FONT></DIV>

My name (to my freinds) is Sniper....I have been an EXTREME gamer since I was a little video junkie when Atari 2600 came out. But I'm not gonna get into that old crap though....My addiction started to overhaul itself when PC-games hit the mean streets of My world......
I have been playing DEATHMATCH and CTF for 10 years and I love it.....I started with Quake2 then I started collecting multi-player games like a drug....Some of my favorites are :OVERWATCH, BLACK OPS 3 Half-Life Tribes Redline Unreal Tournement Unreal 2003 Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune2 Rainbow Six Ghost Recon Line of Sight Quake2 Quake3 Team Fortress Classic Weapons Factory Silent Scope, as well as a few others....I have (faithfully) played all of these  for the last 10 years and have developed the HUNGER...
You know what I am talking about....Dont play stupid...
Its when you cant get online to play for a period of time
and you start going through DM withdrawles...

I am 43 and have spent 30 of my years on this earth telling the world to STFU and that I like to do things my way......I like to be different...I dare to be different...And
I am very wierd, funny, etc...Yada yada yada.....You get the picture....
Ok first .... I am a cuddler (on the couch watchin movies with a girl the middle of the night....if i cant sleep i wrap my arm around to hold them the tub just to sit back in the hot water and relax...etc
Second.... I love pda's (public displays of affection) you know at the mall holdin hands everywhere.....little kisses on your cheek in the middle of someplace just to let you know i care that kinda stuff....
Third... I like to "Take care of the girl"&nbsp; first and worry about my "needs" later......(but that comes later)
Fourth.... I am a jokester.. i love playin around and having a laugh or two and i like to make people laugh........i can be humorous at times , witty , funny , goofy , raunchy , twisted , or whatever the situation calls for :)
Fifth.... I am a very strong beleiver in the art of faithfullness..... loyalty .....&nbsp; respectfullness....honor.....etc ...&nbsp; i usually have 4 rules to every relationship i've been in.....
1) If you lay with me you stay with me, i dont beleive in divorce unless its the last resort.....
2)if you are honest and respectful to me i will gladly give you all of me and what i have
to offer... i am not a rich man but have faith in me and we will get thruogh anything....
3)if you lie or hurt me or lay with another than i will forgive but not forget and i will walk away with myself and all the love i brought with me......
4)Treat me as you would treat yourself and all will be rewarded...


i luv dogs, like cats, snakes, lizards, ferrets, rabbits, and any other exotic, rare, or cool lookin pet on the earth... i once had a baby skunk as a pet... its mom got killed so we took the youngin to the vet and had the stink sak removed they grow up actin just like cats only cooler lookin and the reactions you get from some people are too funny...... I also like messing with people wen i'm in public... (actin all crazy to embarass or shock other people) i am the goof ball of the century and love freakin people out :)


Anyone who don't like dogs or any other animal... Anyone who

plays with peoples emotions... People who care about money and

nothing else.... Snobs who manipulate guys for their own evil purposes... and most of all .... Ignorence... People who do as society tells them and are afraid of individuallity and dare to be weird, different, or just themselves... in wich case i'm a super freak with no shame *GRINS WICKEDLY* HAHAahahahahaha

yada yada




Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

ALTERNATIVE :                                                                                                                         HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, BROKENCYDE, Linkin Park , Limp Bizkit , System of a Down , KoRn, Papa Roach , Sum 41 , Tool , Evenscene , P.O.D. , Puddle of Mudd , Staind , Avril Laveigne , Hole , God Smack , Simple Plan , Marylin Manson , Garbage , and many more :)                          

ROCK:                                                                                                                                    Metalica , AC/DC , Jimi Hendrix , Motley Crue , Pearl Jam , Incubus , Alice Cooper , Deftones , Black Sabbath , Rob Zombie , and a shit load of others :)                              

RAP & HIPHOP:                                                                                                                             DMX , Ice Cube , Busta Rhymes , EM&EM , Method Man , Cypress Hill , Insane Clown Posse , Fujis , Erika Badu , basicaly anything with a PHAT beat and thump to it :) I also like Techno (all kinds) Reggae (all kinds)                                  

BLUES :                                                                                                                                      Dizzy Gilespy , Ella Fitzgerald , Miles Davis , Teddy Pendigraf , Louie Armstrong , B.B. King , Joe Cocker , and anything blue-sy from the 1920's and 30's :)

yada yada